Good Night’s Sleep Affirmations

“Sleep is the best meditation”

Sleep is the best meditation, said Dalai Lama, and he was right. Sleep is the best remedy for our soul and body. It’s like a gentle refreshing stream of water, and as a bonus, we can have happy and joyful dreams during this journey.

bedtime affirmations
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Lack of sleep can cause great trouble; not only physical ones such as fatigue or irritation, but also mental; we can feel mentally exhausted, without energy, as if we were operating at a very low level of our personal battery.

If you suffer from a lack of sleep, nightmares, or it is difficult for you to fall asleep, start using positive affirmations that can help you.

Repeat the following affirmations in the evening in bed before falling asleep for as long as it feels comfortable for you.

  • I am able to fall asleep quickly and effortlessly
  • I now release all the worries and peacefully fall asleep
  • From now, I sleep peacefully and soundly
  • Dreaming is always pleasant for me
  • I dream happy and positive dreams
  • I love sleep because I always have enough of that
  • I choose to dream happy dreams now
  • I always feel fresh and full of energy when I wake up
  • I can fall asleep quickly and easily
  • I did all my best for today and now I can peacefully fall asleep

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