Relax Affirmations

Relax your body. Relax your mind.

relax affirmations

How about relaxing with a cup of good coffee and feet on the table? It sounds so simple, yet it is almost impossible for many of us in this busy world.

Did you know that with deep breaths you’re giving your body a signal that you’re alive?

Repeat these affirmations at least once a day for three to five minutes.

  • I allow myself to completely relax today
  • I remember to take deep and conscious breaths regularly
  • I breathe the colors of healing into my cells
  • I am now able to relax my mind and body
  • I have plenty of time to relax and have a “me time”
  • I am mentally and physically able to relax and take it easy today
  • I can always make time for relax
  • Relaxation and peacefulness is my power charger

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