7 Healing Crystals and Gemstones For Positive Energy

Discover The Power of Crystals!

Since ancient times, human beings have been captivated by the mineral world. Crystals have an extraordinary ability to activate energy. As active particles, these minerals began to manifest themselves as carriers of healing properties, strength, happiness, and spiritual wisdom. 

The contemporary admiration for minerals is often perceived by people as a trend of the 21st century, however, most cultures have a deep understanding and relationship with the earth and its elements since time immemorial.

People surrounded themselves with crystals and gemstones not only to show their power to gain respect (weapons, clothing, crowns, or interior decorated with gemstones or crystals), but they knew very well that each stone could activate and radiate certain energy.

In the following article, let’s look at 7 amazing gemstones and crystals that can boost positive energy and overall happiness.

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Aventurine is a sunstone; it relieves stress blockages, promotes the energy of joy, feelings of happiness, and surrounds you with the light of love and friendship. Aventurine supports life energy and personal growth and helps to overcome obstacles. Aventurine has a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland, lowers cholesterol and relieves migraine.

How to charge the aventurine: Aventurine can be charged at any time on the sun.


In China, nephrite is worshiped as a stone of life. Chinese sages believed in its power and made a drink of eternity from nephrite powder.

Nephrite is one of the best stones for protecting pregnant women and newborns. It is also very suitable for the protection of children and teenagers.

How to charge the nephrite: Charging this stone is not usually necessary, but its strength can be enhanced by rubbing it with fresh sage or mint.

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Citrine evokes a feeling of internal warmth, brings precious light, protection, independence, joy, and confidence. It is a symbol of the inseparable link between subconscious and consciousness.

Citrine is a great stone for artists because it brings inspiration. Citrine can also help with family and relationship problems. People who perform publicly should always wear it in their pockets. It will give them courage.

How to charge the citrine: Citrine does not absorb negative energy, but transforms it into other forms of energy. That is why it is one of the few stones that don’t need to be cleaned and charged.

Violet Amethyst 

Amethyst is one of the most powerful stones that can positively influence our physical and mental functions. The violet-tinted amethyst will purify the soul, induce inner balance, and promote patience. It is the stone of meditation and helps to disconnect our mind from the worries of the everyday world, allowing it to penetrate into the deeper spheres of meditation.

Amethyst can also induce a peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams and has a great ability to help you get rid of some bad habits.

If you carry this stone with you, you can get closer to your emotions, you will have a stronger will, and setting realistic goals will be easier for you.

How to charge the violet amethyst: Amethyst is one of the stones that should not be charged in direct sunlight and therefore it is recommended to choose either moonlight or morning or evening sun.

red garnet
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Red Garnet

The red garnet awakens passion and “pours blood into the veins”. It promotes friendship, love and mutual attraction among people. It is said that red garnet is a drop of blood of ancient gods. 

Red garnet very effectively cleanses the soul, revitalizes and changes a person with positive energy. Red garnet has the power to balance all the emotions. It increases love but also devotion. It opens the heart of man and brings warmth, understanding, trust, and sincerity into relationships. 

In order for the garnet to retain all its positive properties, it must be cleaned regularly. The grenade should be immersed under lukewarm water for a few minutes and then gently dried.

How to charge the red garnet: The best way to charge red garnet is to put it on a clear crystal for a few hours.


Aquamarine is a beautiful stone resembling the water surface. Maybe that’s why it is considered a stone of ancient sea goddesses and sailors often carried it because it was supposed to bring them luck and happiness. The vibration of this stone awakens spiritual perception, creativity, and courage to stand out from the crowd. Aquamarine will bring happiness and light to your soul.

How to charge the aquamarine: Aquamarine should be charged on the moonlight.

Striped agate

Agate is a well-known stone, however, there are many types of this stone; from green, blue and pink, to fire, moss or striped agate. Striped agate is very specific and is considered a protective stone. It relieves stress and internal tension and restores body energy.

Striped agate can help with eye problems and strengthen the lungs, therefore it may be suitable as a gift for smokers.

How to charge the aquamarine: Striped agate can be charged at any time on the sun.

The crystals and gemstones have amazing power and can positively affect our mental and physical health. In addition, they look great as a decoration in your room or office, or as a fashion accessory. What’s your favorite one?

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