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Aayla, the Siberian shaman, speaks on 7 steps to a better life

Chronic fatigue, dissatisfaction with yourself, annoying daily routine, exhausting work … You feel as if you do not live your life, but watch it from the sidelines aloof and blankly. Does it sound like your life scenario? Aayla, a hereditary Siberian shaman, will tell you how to rewrite it.

Get rid of unnecessary things

It is better to start changes with the environment you live in. It should be cleared of all unnecessary and superfluous things. Feel free to throw out old things that you have not used for a long time and they mean nothing to you as a memory. They accumulate negative energy, and it affects your feeling and perception of the world. When you clean your home from junk, you will be surprised at the changes that will happen inside you. Aayla says that your mind and thoughts will become clearer, and it will be easier for you to breathe, literally and figuratively.

Leave your resentments in the past

Aayla believes that resentments are also a kind of litter, only mental and soulful. If you focus on them all the time, you get bogged down in negative emotions. The resentments pull you back, not allowing you to grow and develop spiritually. Try not to think about them and focus on your plans for the future. Leaving your resentments in the past, you will be able to treat the present much better. In her blog Aayla gives recommendations how to clear your thoughts and soul of resentment, and create a field of love that later becomes energetic.

Be simpler and develop spiritually

Get rid of the things that don’t bring joy and benefit and try to do the things you enjoy. If you don’t want to participate in something or do something, say “no”. You can devote the free time to something you‘ve been wanting to do for a long time. For example, learn to draw. And stop just watching TV and surfing the Internet. Aayla recommends using these blessings of civilization for your own benefit – explore useful websites and programs that will help you develop.

Form healthy habits

Health is the key to a better life. It’s all about a healthy diet, a good night’s sleep, and exercise. But start your way to a new lifestyle gradually. Your body will resist the abrupt change of habitual way of life and you will fail quickly. Add healthy meals to your diet. For example, this week eat healthy food once a day, and the next week – already two times. You should also add sport into your life little by little – the load should be within your power. And revise your daily routine so that you can arrange a healthy sleep. You probably know how many hours you need for a good night’s sleep.

Meditate and practice spirituality

Meditation is a way of gaining control of your mind. It involves relaxation, concentration, and awareness. For our mind meditation is the same as physical exercise for our body. It helps us perceive all events with a healthy dose of cool-headedness, rationality, and awareness. The ancient rituals and spiritual practices that Aayla shares in her seminars have the same effect.

Form the right environment and maintain good relationships with people
The immediate circle is one of the main external resources, the quality of which you need to improve. This one needs to be reviewed as well. Try to identify who is dragging you down. As a rule, these are people who complain, gossip, use your kindness and do not give anything positive in return all the time. Stop communicating with them or reduce the interaction to a minimum. Try to surround yourself with positive, intelligent and successful people you want to reach out to.

Helen, UK

It took me a long time to figure out what was causing my depression. Friday night bar meetings with colleagues and friends didn’t change my state of mind, especially it was obvious on Saturday morning. I was in an emotional hole. I came across the information about the Siberian shaman Aayla on the Internet and decided to arrange a consultation with her. It was like I was born again. I realized many things! For example, the fact that I have to form my environment myself. Of course, it is impossible to stop communication completely with some people. But I’ve learned to set my person boundaries, even if some might find it offensive. So I’d rather eat alone than listen to another story from my relatives about how bad life is now, and that the authorities are to blame. And I will not communicate with acquaintances who only want to humiliate me or someone else in conversation.’

Because of the pandemic, many of seminars of Aayla’s School are now held online. However, you can get acquainted with the culture of Siberian shamanism without leaving home! Aayla and the mentors can help in a difficult moment or answer your questions of interest in online training sessions and consultations.

You can learn more about Aayla and her spiritual practices at the website of the hereditary shaman, and read useful tips on how to manage your life, to make your family happy – in her blog.