Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

You Have No Idea What Their Journey is About

Comparing ourselves to others is the easiest and fastest way to instantly feel bad about ourselves. We know it’s not good, but we keep doing that all the time. Why?

Don't Compare Yourself To Others

“Jeanne wears designer, expensive clothes that I can’t never afford! She has such a beautiful and attractive husband! She often goes to a cafe while I have to sit all day in the office at the computer and earn money for a living.”

There are millions of examples of how we compare ourselves to others and it is not necessary to list all of them because we all know what they are and what it feels like to compare ourselves to others.

By comparing ourselves to others, we create a vicious circle around us that prevents us from being our true self. We are like a hamster running around in this circle and instead of slowing down, we speed up and stress ourselves, mostly without reason. don’t compare yourself to others

Comparing ourselves to others is toxic and does not bring anything positive.

What if it’s not what it seems?

What if Jeanne actually wears clothes from a second-hand shop? What if her husband is beautiful and attractive, but he’s cheating on her or has debts Jeanne doesn’t know about? And what if she goes to a cafe more often than you but doesn’t have the job and enough money to make a living, or she’s unhappy?

We are all original and we all have a mission on this planet, but comparing yourself to others is not what you should live for. Every time you’re about to compare yourself to others, ask yourself, “Is it worth it? What can I do to have it too, or what can I do to achieve it too? What if she wears expensive clothes but is dissatisfied with her life? What if I’m actually happier than they?”

Do things because you love them, not because others do them. Wear clothes you like, not because others wear it. You never know what’s really happening under the surface and you never know what their real life journey is.

Have respect for yourself and do not compare yourself to others.

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