Don’t Ever Go With The Flow

..unless you’re a dead fish

As little children, we are often taught to go with the flow. What is meant by going with the flow is to simply do what others do. Earn degrees that others earn. Do the jobs that others do. Achieve the same results that others do. To stay in the standard, to be another green pin among millions of green pins on a cork board.

Don't Ever Go With The Flow
Don’t ever go with the flow. Be the flow. – Jay-Z

I never wanted to go with the flow. Not only was it boring, but I didn’t want to swim in one stream just because everyone was swimming there. I always wanted to be a yellow pin among millions of green pins. I always wanted to do things differently to get different results and I always had the desire to create my life the way I wanted.

You can have other hobbies, you can have different goals, you can have different opinions and you can have different tastes. Go after what you want and do what you love, what fulfill your soul.

..because only dead fish swims with the flow. Don’t go with the flow, be your own flow!

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