Happiness Will Never Come To Those..

..who fail to appreciate what they already have

Happiness Will Never Come To Those Who Fail To Appreciate What They Already Have
Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have – Buddha

Sometimes it seems as if most of us were standing in front of the door with a key in our hands hoping the door would open itself. Instead of using the key, we wait and hope. And as time goes by, we are becoming more and more nervous and we’re losing the last drops of faith and hope.

Gratitude is the key to joy, to success, to love, to miracles. And it makes sense, because if you are grateful for what you have now, the universe will give you more to have more reasons for gratitude.

And the great thing is that gratitude has no boundaries. You can be grateful for your health, your family and work, your car and the house, you can be grateful for your neighbor resting after a successful surgery or the teacher who teaches your daughter perfectly Spanish. You can be grateful for the great coffee you had in the morning or for the sun shining and the clear sky without clouds.

And you can also be grateful for the negative or painful events of the past, because they have moved you forward, they have taught you or shown a different direction.

The more grateful you are, the more you will receive to be grateful for. The true key to happiness is to realize what you have now, what you have achieved, the awareness of this present moment.

Open your heart and practice gratitude; it is the best and easiest way to happiness. never lower your standards

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