Learn from Shakuntali Siberia why it is important to have positive and friendly people around you

Namaste, beautiful people in this world! Today Shakuntali Siberia wants to share with you very important knowledges of the Woman of Power for your happiness, wellbeing, abundance and success. Secrets that Shakuntali Siberia has been learning in the temples all her life, knowledges that you will never find in a book or the internet.

That you can life a more powerful, successful and happy life, Shakuntali Siberia wants to reveal to you here the secret about how important is to choose your surroundings. Shakuntali Siberia will explain you how our surroundings influences our lifes and she will teach you how you can create the best surrounding for your health and happiness in this life.

First will speak about our aura, everybody has an aura and this aura extends normally about an arm’s length. This is the case when the aura is healthy and balanced. Shakuntali Siberia explains that if you have an object of power or you do perform spiritual practices such as prayers, meditation and yoga the aura grows even five to twenty times more. Shakuntali Siberia says that this is helping to attract lot of abundance, good and friendly people in your life, love, success, health and happiness.

Do you have a healthy and balanced aura? Shakuntali Siberia gives you here a simple way to find out about the state of your aura very fast, very easily.

Do you feel sleepy during the day?
Do you often feel very tired?
Do you even feel wasted or exhausted?

If you answer to any of this questions with yes, that means you have to work with the energy level of your aura. You need to strengthen and expand your aura. Because according to your state of aura and energy level you will attract the people in the same level.

Shakuntali Siberia helps women around the world with powerful energy practices to have a healthy and balanced aura and increasing their energy levels. These women become thanks to Shakuntali Siberias dedication the best woman in this world. Do you also want to become happy and successful in this life? You too, you can choose to self develop and restore your energy levels to extend your aura and attract great opportunities and lucky situations in your life, Shakuntali Siberia will help you. You are welcome any time, just come and try.

To help you already right now Shakuntali Siberia shares with you a practice how to improve your surroundings and your life right now. This practice will help you to stay away from energy vampires and will bring you on the way to more power and happiness.

Let’s begin this wonderful practice from Shakuntali Siberia: Write down on a piece of paper, all the names in your surrounding. People you talk to on the phone, people you write on whatsapp, people you meet, everyone you communicate with. How many people with high energy are on this list? And how many people with low energy you count on this list of yours? Shakuntali Siberia waits for your results. As it is most important in your life, Shakuntali Siberia will explain to you what you can do with your result and how you can cleanse your aura or increase your level of energy.

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