Self-Acceptance Affirmations

For A Healthy Self-Esteem

One of the most important things you can do in your life is to accept yourself exactly as you are. Accept all your flaws and imperfection, accept all the failures and rejections that took place in your past.

self-acceptance affirmations
Self-Acceptance Affirmations

You have the choice and you have the choice to change and work on yourself. Start where you are now and accept yourself as you are in order to live a fulfilled life of happiness and joy..

..and therefore I affirm: self-acceptance affirmations

  • I accept myself exactly as I am now
  • I accept all of me
  • It’s time for me to accept and work on myself
  • I am learning to accept all of who I am
  • I love and accept myself, always and completely
  • Loving and accepting myself is easy for me now
  • I let my love and acceptance for myself increase each day

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