Surround yourself only with those..

..who will lift you higher

Surround yourself only with those who will lift you higher

Quality or quantity. What’s more important to you? I recently heard a quote: “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are“. I wondered what is meant by this quote and concluded that the people around us are a reflection of ourselves.

We choose these people because we have something in common or vibrate on the same frequency. These people can either motivate us or lower us to their level. It’s all our choice and deciding what we really want is only in our hands.

Just like flowers that need water and light to flourish beautifully, surround yourself with people who support your goals, who motivate you and stand on your side. Surround yourself only with those who will lift you higher.

It can be just five people, or just one person, but rather choose one rise up than ten falls down. It’s not about number but about quality.

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