5 señales de que pudo haber sido de la realeza en una vida pasada

signs you were royalty in a past life

Have you ever felt like you were just meant for bigger and better things? Do you find yourself gravitating toward the finer things in life with an air of entitlement, as if it’s your royal birthright? You may have been actual royalty in a past life.

Throughout history, there have been thousands of notable kings, queens, princes, and princesses who lived and died, so it’s possible your soul inhabited one of those royal bodies in a previous incarnation. If any of the following signs ring true for you today, you could have been living large as a lord or lady back in the day.

Memories of Living In A Palace

If you find yourself daydreaming about ornate castles and palace life, it could be a sign you were part of royalty in a past life. Many people who believe in reincarnation report vivid memories from childhood of living in lavish palaces filled with gold, servants, and elaborate parties. These memories can feel so real that they seem like distant recollections rather than fantasies.

When you were young, did you fantasize about living in a palace? Perhaps you dreamed of sitting on a throne, wearing a crown, and having people bow to you. Memories of past life palace life often involve sensory details like the feel of silk sheets on a four-poster bed, the smell of fresh flowers in every room, and the taste of rich foods at feasts. The most common memories involve growing up in the palace as a prince or princess and being surrounded by luxury at a young age.

If you have memories or fantasies about living in a palace that feel like distant recollections from your past, they could represent a past life as a member of royalty. However, even if you were not literally part of royalty, these types of fantasies may reflect a desire within you for more luxury, beauty, and comfort in the present moment. Either way, vivid memories of palace life show that you have an innate connection with the luxurious and elegant aspects of life.

You’re Drawn To Fine Dining And Luxurious Things

Growing up, did you dream of dining at fancy restaurants and wearing designer clothing? Even as an adult, do you appreciate the experience of a five-course meal with multiple forks and a meticulously prepared plate? Perhaps you have a strong affinity for the finer details and craftsmanship that go into luxury goods. This natural preference for what is elegant, refined, and opulent could stem from a past life where you were used to only the very best.

Of course, enjoying finer dining and luxury items doesn’t necessarily mean you were royal in the past. But if you have an intense passion and affinity for these things, combined with other signs that you may have been royalty before, an appreciation for the finer things in life could be a remaining imprint from living a life of nobility and privilege in a past incarnation. The feeling that you were “made for this” when indulging in a luxurious experience could be a lingering memory activating in the present.

You Have Natural Leadership Skills

Leadership does not mean being bossy or overbearing but rather having the confidence, charisma, and communication skills to inspire and rally people toward a common goal. If you find others naturally look to you for direction or you enjoy organizing group activities, your leadership skills could point to a royal past life. Royal blood tends to breed an effortless air of authority and the social intelligence to manage people effectively.

This could be a sign that you were of noble or even royal birth in a past life. I know the idea of reincarnation may seem far-fetched, but this is one of the small hints that can point to a royal lineage in a former existence.

Innate Wisdom Beyond Your Years

You have a wisdom and poise that seems beyond your years. Even from an early age, you’ve had a maturity and grace that made you seem almost regal. This innate wisdom and depth of understanding is a sign you may have lived a past life as royalty.

As royalty, you would have been groomed from birth to carry yourself with dignity and lead with wisdom and empathy. You would have received the finest education and training to prepare you to govern and make important decisions that impacted many lives. This cultivation of knowledge and leadership ability over the course of a lifetime leaves an indelible imprint on the soul that carries into future lives.

Your natural charisma and ability to compel others is a mark of a born leader. Royalty must have a commanding presence to rule over their subjects. If you find others naturally look to you for guidance and advice, this charismatic quality points to a possible past life in a position of power and leadership.

You Feel A Strong Connection To A Particular Time Period or Geographical Location

Do you feel inexplicably drawn to a particular era in history or region of the world? It could be a sign you lived a past life during that time period or in that location.

Antiguo Egipto

If you’ve always felt a strong connection to ancient Egypt, you may have been an Egyptian royal, priest, or priestess in a past life. Images of pyramids, hieroglyphics or Egyptian gods may stir something deep within you. You might also feel an unexplained draw to Egyptian culture, religion or mythology.

Medieval Europe

If you’re fascinated with medieval history, castles, knights in shining armor and chivalry, you may have been royalty like a prince, princess or even a king or queen during that era. You might feel most at home in Renaissance fairs or while reading tales of King Arthur and Camelot. The clothes, food, music and lifestyle of that period could ignite a sense of familiarity in your soul.


A strong affiliation for Asian culture, especially that of China, Japan, or India, could indicate you lived an influential life as a royal family member in one of these locations in a past life. You may feel drawn to the art, architecture, fashion, or religious beliefs of a particular Asian region or time period. A nostalgic feeling may wash over you when participating in cultural traditions from that place and time.

If any of these signs resonate with you, it’s possible you lived a past life as a king, queen, prince, or princess. You may have unfinished business from that lifetime, which is calling out to be addressed so you can progress on your soul’s journey. Listen to your intuition.

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