Soñar con la Luna estrellándose contra la Tierra y su significado espiritual

Did you ever have a dream about the moon falling to earth that felt so real you couldn’t tell it from reality? As cinematic as this dream may sound, this type of dream is quite common among people of all ages and genders.

Read on to find out what it means when you dream about a moon crashing into the earth. You may be surprised that it has nothing to do with astronomy!

soñar con la luna estrellándose contra la tierra

The Spiritual Meaning

The moon is generally regarded as a symbol of love, femininity, and intuition. It also represents our subconscious, imagination, and hidden motives. Earth is the opposite of the moon, so instead of emotions, imagination, or subconscious, it represents common sense, wisdom, and solid ground.

A dream about the moon crashing into the earth can symbolize anxiety about losing control over your emotions. Perhaps you are feeling overly emotional or are repressing your feelings about someone or something. For example, you may have fallen in love with someone who doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, and it’s “eating you inside,” or you can’t come to terms with it.

The moon’s destruction can also indicate some self-destructive behavior you may be engaging in. This could be, for instance, negative self-limiting beliefs or thoughts or telling yourself you don’t deserve to be loved or respected. These self-destructive behaviors come from something that has recently happened in your life, such as, as mentioned, rejection from someone or loss of something.

When you see the moon falling to the earth in your dream, it reflects your subconscious mind projecting your unbalanced emotions or emotional burnout.

Palabras finales

Take this dream as a warning sign that you need to be more down to earth and know your limits. When something painful like a rejection happens or someone intentionally says something hurtful to you, don’t take anything personally, and don’t let anyone control your emotions.

We need emotions to live as much as the moon. So, look at your emotions in the same way as you look at the beautiful moon in the night sky, and take full control over them.

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