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prayer for gay wedding

Prayer is a meaningful way for LGBT couples to honor their spiritual connection on their wedding day. Whether you follow an organized religion or consider yourself more spiritual, including heartfelt prayers or blessings in your ceremony helps celebrate the profound love and commitment you share.

For many LGBT couples, finding inclusive faith communities and officiants to guide their ceremony can be challenging. But crafting your own prayers or asking friends and family to share words of blessing allows you to make your spiritual journey an integral part of your wedding.

The Importance of Prayer At Gay Weddings

You might start by giving thanks for finding your soulmate, the one person you can’t imagine living without. Or express gratitude for the opportunity to declare your love and devotion in front of friends and family. Ask for blessings on your marriage from a higher power, however you may define that.

Share prayers that speak of patience, kindness, trust, support and understanding – all qualities essential for a healthy, lifelong partnership. Reference spiritual teachings of love, unity, and acceptance. And don’t forget to thank your guests, for they have loved and supported you both to make this day possible.

A Prayer For Love And Commitment

On your wedding day, take a quiet moment together to offer up this prayer:

Dear God, we come before you today to dedicate our lives and our love to one another. We ask for your blessing on this marriage, and your help in living together in unity, love, and peace.

Bless our commitment to share life’s joys and burdens with compassion and kindness. Help us support each other through good times and bad. Bless our promise to be faithful, honest and true to one another. Give us the strength and wisdom to build a foundation of trust that will withstand any challenge.

Bless our determination to cherish one another above all else. May we make each other’s happiness and well-being the first priority in our life together. And most of all, bless our love. Nurture the affection, passion and care that first drew us together. Help our love grow deeper and stronger with each passing year, through all of life’s ups and downs.

We pledge our lives to one another in love, and with your guidance, we know our marriage will be divinely blessed. We ask this in the name of the God of Love, who brought us together and will keep us for all of our days.


With this prayer, you invoke God’s blessing on the love and commitment at the heart of your marriage. You ask for help in nurturing compassion, faithfulness and cherishing one another – all qualities essential to a happy, lifelong partnership. By calling on the God of Love, you place your marriage in divine hands, trusting that your love and devotion will be strengthened and blessed beyond measure. This prayer affirms your belief that with God, all things are possible – including a perfect union that lasts forever.

A Prayer of Blessing And Togetherness

Lord, we ask for your blessing on this marriage and on this couple as they begin their life together. Grant them wisdom, compassion, and patience to build a relationship of trust, honesty and selfless love.

Bless their home and make it a place of joy, laughter, peace and welcome. May their life together be enriched by the sharing of both sorrow and gladness. Give them strength and understanding to support each other through good times and bad.

Most of all, O God, bless them with the gift of your love, which is the bond of perfection. As they give themselves to one another, may they grow in understanding and in service to you. Guide them, protect them and keep them safe in your loving care now and always.


This prayer asks God to bestow blessings of wisdom, trust and selfless love upon the couple as they embark on this new chapter of their lives together. It seeks compassion, patience and understanding between them to weather life’s ups and downs side by side. It invites God’s love and guidance to help them grow together in their relationship and devotion.

It’s a prayer for God to bless and protect your gay son or daughter, to make their home a welcoming and joyful place, and to give them strength to support one another through good and bad times. It recognizes that a loving relationship and marriage is a journey, not a destination, and asks for God’s continual grace and care over them into the future.

A Prayer For Equality And Acceptance

Dear God, we come before you today to ask for your blessing on this marriage and union of two people who love each other. Grant us the courage and strength to continue fighting for equality and acceptance.

Lord, you made us all in your image. You gave us the gift of love to share with one another. We pray that one day, all people will be free to love who they choose without fear of judgment or discrimination. Guide us to open our hearts and minds, overcome prejudice, and embrace diversity.

Bless this couple, [Couple’s names]. As they commit their lives to one another today, fill their hearts with patience, kindness, empathy and understanding. their love for each other just keeps getting deeper each day. Surround them with people who appreciate them for who they are, respect their relationship, and offer their unconditional support.

We pray for the day when people of all orientations, races, beliefs and backgrounds can join together in marriage without barriers. May your message of hope, compassion and unity prevail.

Lord, bless this marriage. Bless this couple. And bless each and every person gathered here today. May we go forward in peace, committed to building a society of inclusion, justice and equality for people of all identities.


Love Is Love

A marriage is about the love between two people, not who they are or what others may think. Focus on praying for their happiness, commitment, and strength to weather life’s storms together. Speak from your heart and bless their union. Show them the same grace and acceptance that Jesus did. If we open our minds and look past surface differences, we’ll see that we all want the same basic things – to love and be loved. And there’s no better way to share God’s love than celebrating love itself.

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