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You feel it in your soul – you’ve met your twin flame. The connection is intense and undeniable. But no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get them to commit. You’ve tried everything to get their attention and make it work.

Part of you knows you should walk away, but it’s agony to even think about giving up on your twin flame. What will happen if you surrender? Can you really move on and let them go? This is the hardest decision you’ll ever make, but you know you can’t keep chasing forever.

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The Difficulty of Letting Go As A Twin Flame Chaser

As a twin flame chaser, letting go of the connection can feel nearly impossible. You’ve found your soul’s counterpart – your missing half – and the depth of love and intimacy you share is beyond anything you’ve ever known. How could you possibly give that up?

The truth is, chasing your twin flame typically only leads to more pain and anguish. The timing isn’t right, they may not be ready for the connection, or they could be with someone else. As difficult as it is, the only way to find inner peace is to shift your focus inward.

Surrendering to what is means accepting the current circumstances and loving your twin flame from a distance. It requires releasing expectations and judgments about how things “should” be. Let go of trying to control the situation or the other person. As you withdraw your energy, your twin flame may feel the loss of connection and come back around, but there are no guarantees.

The paradox is that twin flame reunion often happens when you’ve grown into your wholeness as an individual. Do the inner work, follow your purpose and passions, nurture yourself, and become the person you want to be. As you fill yourself with self-love, you’ll attract someone who can meet you at that level, whether it’s your twin flame or another soul mate.

Peace of Mind Returns

When you finally decide to stop chasing your twin flame, a sense of peace washes over you. The anxiety, longing, and restlessness that consumed you for so long starts to fade. No more constantly checking your phone or social media to see if they reached out. No more overanalyzing every little interaction, trying to find hidden meaning or clues that they still care.

Your mind is freed up to focus on the good things already in your life. You rediscover old hobbies and passions, reconnect with supportive friends and family, and start new routines that energize you. Instead of pinning your happiness on another person, you realize you have everything you need to lead a fulfilling life right now.

Letting go of the outcome also means trusting that whatever is meant to be will be. If it’s truly your destiny to reconnect with your twin flame, it will happen in the right time and way. But for now, make the most of this opportunity to nurture your relationship with yourself. Fall back in love with your own best self.

Self-Love Increases

When you stop chasing after someone who is unwilling or unable to reciprocate your love, it can be the beginning of a journey of self-discovery and self-love. For too long, you may have defined yourself by this relationship and tied your self-worth to whether or not the other person wanted you. But now, freed from the exhausting cycle of pursuing someone who keeps running away, you gain an opportunity to explore who you truly are outside of this dynamic.

You start spending time on your own interests and hobbies again. Activities that once brought you joy but you had neglected in favor of obsessively focusing on the other person now reenter your life. You reconnect with friends who you pushed aside while chasing this romantic ideal. You realize how much love and support exists all around you, not contingent on whether one special person chooses you.

The Runner May Start Chasing You

When you finally release the obsessive thoughts and behaviors towards your twin flame, you open up space for them to come towards you energetically.

Your energy shifts from chasing to accepting what is, allowing the runner to feel more comfortable approaching you. They may start reaching out via calls, texts or wanting to see you in person.

The runner also gains clarity and insight into the connection once you stop chasing, realizing what they stand to lose if they continue running. This spurs them into action to reconnect with their twin flame.

When you give up the chase, you activate the ‘divine timing’ of the universe. What is meant to be will be, in the right time and place. Have faith that if it’s right, the runner will come back when they are ready.

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Though it can be difficult, giving up the chase is often the only way to break the cycle of running and chasing in a twin flame dynamic. Have patience and faith that whatever is meant to be – will be. Keep living your best life, and the runner may just surprise you by becoming the chaser.

Discover who you really are, apart from this connection. The purpose here is growth, and that can’t happen if you’re obsessed with the outcome. Let go with love. Trust in the universe.

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