Věk, ve kterém zemřete, závisí na vašem znamení zvěrokruhu

what age will you die based on your zodiac sign

Ever wondered how long you’ll live based on the stars? Don’t get worried if you see a number lower than you hoped – this is all in good fun. We know our destiny isn’t written in the stars. But it’s still entertaining to see what the zodiac says about longevity. Will you beat the odds or meet your expected expiration date?

Please note that we can’t actually predict your exact death based on when you were born. But just for fun, here’s what the stars might say about how long you’ll stick around!


As an Aries, you’re bold, passionate, and always ready for an adventure. You live life on the fast track, diving headfirst into new experiences without looking back. Unfortunately, your impatience and impulsiveness mean you could meet an untimely end around age 60. Slow down and think before you act, Aries! Take some time to rest and recharge – your fiery spirit will burn out quickly otherwise.

Learn when to say no and avoid taking on more than you can handle. All work and no play isn’t sustainable, even for the zodiac’s ram. Take regular vacations to avoid burnout and make the most of your assertive and action-packed nature. A balanced Aries will live well into their 70s.


As a Taurus, you value stability, comfort and luxury in life. You tend to be practical, patient and somewhat stubborn. Unfortunately, your zodiac sign predicts you may not live as long as some others. The average Taurus can expect to live to around 76 years old.

While 76 seems on the shorter end of average life expectancy these days, take heart – many famous Taureans lived well into their 80s and beyond, including Cher, Willie Nelson and Bono.

The key for Taureans is to avoid becoming stuck in routines, indulge your senses in moderation, and make self-care a priority. Staying socially and physically active, eating healthy and reducing stress will help add years to your life. Your loyal nature means strong, positive relationships are key to your happiness and longevity. Surround yourself with people who share your appreciation for the good things in life!


As the social creatures of the zodiac, Geminis love to stay active and on the go. All that mental stimulation and variety in their everyday lives tends to keep them feeling young at heart. However, their restless nature can also lead to stress and anxiety, shortening their lifespan.

On average, a Gemini can expect to live to about 79 years old. The most common causes of death for Geminis are respiratory diseases and accidents. They need to make sure to take breaks when they’re feeling overwhelmed and practice self-care. Spending time engaged in relaxing hobbies, exercising, and connecting with close friends can help add years to a Gemini’s life.

Unfortunately, Geminis do tend to take a lot of risks. They’re definitely one of the zodiac signs most likely to die young or in middle age.


As a Cancer, you’re deeply emotional and sensitive. You really care about the people close to you. However, your emotional nature means you tend to worry and stress easily. All this worrying and stress can take a toll on your health and longevity. The stars estimate the average Cancer will live to be about 79 years old.

To maximize your lifespan, focus on managing your stress and worrying. Try relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation. Spend time with loved ones who lift your spirits. Taking care of yourself both physically and mentally is super important. While you may be prone to fretting, a healthy and balanced Cancer can live well into their 80s.


As a Leo, you’re fierce, passionate and live life with a fiery intensity. You chase dreams and live without limits. Unfortunately, your zest for life comes with a price – a shorter lifespan. Leos often burn out quickly in their early 60s. The good news is, the life you live will be filled with adventure, creativity, and lasting memories.

Pursue your passions, but don’t forget to recharge. Love with all your heart, but keep some for yourself too. Make each moment matter, but be present enough to appreciate each one as it happens. A balance of work and rest, giving and receiving, will help ensure you live your best life for as long as possible.


Being the perfectionist of the zodiac, you Virgos will likely live a long and healthy life. Your attention to detail and practical lifestyle choices will serve you well. Studies show the average lifespan for Virgo is 82-84 years, giving you plenty of time to organize your sock drawer for the tenth time.

However, your tendency to overwork yourself with routine tasks may cause undue stress, so try to schedule in some relaxation. Your earthy nature also makes you prone to digestive issues, so watch your diet and limit unhealthy habits. As long as you avoid becoming overly critical of yourself and others, Virgos can thrive well into their golden years. Just remember, it’s okay if the pillows on the sofa aren’t perfectly fluffed—live a little!


As a Libra, your balanced and harmonious nature means you’re likely to live a long and healthy life. However, your indecisive tendencies could cause some stress and anxiety. On average, Libras are believed to live the longest – 80 to 85 years on average.

While Libras aim to maintain equilibrium in all areas of life, your desire for fairness and unwillingness to cause conflict with others may lead to difficulty in making important life decisions. Take time for yourself to determine what you truly want rather than always compromising for others. Learn to set healthy boundaries, and don’t be afraid to put your own needs first at times. Reducing stress and anxiety in your life will help you live longer.

Appreciate each day as a gift, focus on experiences over material things, and maintain an attitude of gratitude because you never know. Your positive outlook and ability to find beauty in life will serve you well.


As a Scorpio, you’re a determined and resolute person. Your intense and secretive nature means you value your privacy and independence. According to the stars, Scorpios tend to live life on their own terms and in their own time. They do not take orders from anyone and rebel against any form of control or constraint.

Unfortunately, your willingness to take risks and your desire for intense experiences may cut your life short. Scorpios often live hard and fast, pushing their minds and bodies to the limit. Your passionate and willful nature, while captivating, may ultimately prove dangerous. The stars predict Scorpios will likely pass away in their early to mid-70s, though some astrologers believe Scorpios born later in the sign (between November 15 to November 22) may live into their late 70s or even early 80s due to the influence of Sagittarius.


As the adventurous explorers of the zodiac, Sagittarians value freedom and follow their curiosity above all else. This thirst for new experiences means you likely won’t settle into a routine for too long. While this constant change keeps life exciting, it may cut your lifespan a bit short. According to the stars, the average Sagittarius will live to be around 82 years old.

Of course, a lot depends on the individual, and there are always exceptions. Maintaining an active lifestyle, nurturing relationships, and finding meaning and purpose will help any Sagittarius live a long, healthy life. But your innate restlessness also means you’ll never stop exploring and expanding your mind through travel, higher education, or engaging in philosophical debates. Staying active and following your passions is the key to a good life for Sagittarians, however long that may be.


As a Capricorn, you’re known for being practical, disciplined, and ambitious. Your pragmatic nature and tendency to plan for the long term means you value stability and security. Unfortunately, this could mean your lifespan ends up on the shorter side. The typical Capricorn can expect to live into their mid-70s.

While 76 years old may seem young still, your industrious and determined personality means you have accomplished more in those years than most signs. You have a knack for setting goals and following through, allowing you to achieve a great deal over your lifetime. Make sure to schedule in downtime to rest your mind and body. A healthy balance of work and leisure will help add years to your life.


If you’re an Aquarius, the stars predict you’ll live to be 82. As an Aquarius, you’re a free spirit and humanitarian, valuing independence and fairness. You strive to make the world a better place through acts of kindness and by fighting injustice. Your open and progressive nature means you’re open to new ideas and ways of living that keep you feeling young at heart.

However, your rebellious side can sometimes lead you into dangerous situations that put your health at risk if you’re not careful. To maximize your lifespan, choose adventurous hobbies that stimulate your mind but avoid life-threatening risks. Spend time with friends, stay socially engaged, and focus on causes you care about. Living an active lifestyle and eating healthy can really help you do your own thing for a long time.


Pisces, your kind and compassionate nature means you may worry yourself into an early grave. As the mutable water sign, you tend to absorb the emotions of those around you and internalize stress that isn’t even your own. Learn to establish boundaries and take time for yourself to decompress. If you can achieve better balance and self-care, you have the potential to live well into your 80s.

However, without making your mental and physical health a priority, you’re more prone to health issues in your 60s. The key is reducing stress and nurturing your intuitive, creative spirit. Stay socially connected to your close friends and loved ones, pursue hobbies that inspire you, and make sure to schedule in plenty of downtime to recharge.

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