8 Sneaky Signs A Sagittarius Man Is Testing You

You might think he’s just being his normal, goofy self, but don’t be fooled – he’s totally putting you to the test without you even realizing it. If you want to win him over, you need to pay attention so you can figure out what he’s really up to. That archer isn’t as carefree as he pretends to be. Trust me, there’s a strategy behind all his Sagittarius antics. Let me tell you what’s really going on.

He Plays Hard To Get

The Sagittarius man loves the thrill of the chase. Once he’s got his sights set on you, he’ll lay the charm on thick but then pull back all of a sudden just to see how you’ll react. Don’t stress, he’s just making sure you’re actually feeling it and not going to flake if he’s not all over you. Best way to pass this test of his? Match his energy and play a little hard to get yourself. Flirt it up and have fun but also keep busy with your own thing and don’t sit around waiting for him to hit you up.

He Pushes Your Boundaries

This adventurous man wants to see how far he can push you outside your comfort zone. He may suggest outrageous dates like rock climbing, skydiving or an exotic getaway just to gauge your reaction.

If one of his plans sounds fun and you’re feeling adventurous, go for it! But also don’t be afraid to speak up if something really doesn’t feel right for you. He’ll probably respect you more if you’re comfortable being honest about your limits. Because the last thing anyone wants is to feel pressured into something they don’t want to do.

He Challenges Your Intelligence

Sagittarians are big thinkers who enjoy lively debates and intellectual sparring matches. Your Sagittarius crush may playfully tease you or question your opinions just to engage you in some witty repartee.

Don’t get offended – this is his way of testing if you can keep up with his restless, philosophical mind. Show off your smarts by volleying back clever comebacks and asking lots of thought-provoking questions of your own. Mental stimulation is the way to win this man’s heart.

He Doesn’t Make Concrete Plans

If there’s a Sagittarius man in your life who seems a bit unsure about making solid plans with you, it might be because he’s testing the waters. Sagittarians really value their freedom, so he may be seeing how much he thinks you’ll demand of his time by keeping things vague for now.

Pay attention if when you suggest getting together, he’ll say something casual like “we should grab dinner” but won’t mention when or where. He wants to gauge if you’ll push him for more details or go with the flow. And if you do find yourself getting frustrated with his noncommittal way, just stay cool and let him know you need your space too, you’d simply appreciate a bit more clarity on timing.

Also, he could be intentionally spontaneous just to catch you off guard. For example, surprising you with tickets to your favorite band at the last minute or whisking you away for a weekend trip on a whim. While that sounds exciting, it’s understandable if you have other responsibilities that make those kinds of spur of the moment plans difficult. Politely but firmly let him know you love adventure too when possible, but need a bit more heads up for bigger deals.

He Brings Up Controversial Topics

You know how Sagittarius guys love a good debate right? Well, he’s probably going to want to push some boundaries and get you talking about stuff that gets people fired up. Don’t be surprised if the conversation turns to politics, religion, or other topics people disagree on a lot.

How do you handle it when he brings up a controversial issue? Do you shy away or do you dive right in with your perspective? A Sagittarius is looking for someone curious like him who wants to explore ideas. If you show you’re willing to have a philosophical discussion even if you don’t see eye to eye, he’ll see that you’re open-minded and can keep up with his thirst for learning new things.

He Mentions Other Women

If the Sagittarius dude in your life keeps bringing up other girls in conversation, he’s probably testing you to see how you react. He wants to see if you’ll get jealous or possessive. The last thing this free spirit wants is a needy partner.

When he tells you about his hot coworker or the cute girl he met at the coffee shop, just stay chill. Getting mad or upset will totally turn him off. Instead, show him you’re confident in yourself by responding casually. You could say something like “She sounds nice. I’m glad you’re making new friends.”

He may also openly flirt with other women in front of you to get a rise out of you. I know that behavior can hurt, but try not to take the bait. Later, pull him aside and let him know politely that his flirting made you uncomfortable. But do it in a calm, non-confrontational way. You could say, “I want you to have freedom, but flirting with others around me is disrespectful. Think you could avoid that?”

He Withholds Emotions And Affection

When a Sagittarius man is testing you, he may suddenly become distant and aloof. Don’t freak out – he just wants to see how you’ll act. Guys born under Sagittarius really value their independence, so he needs to make sure you’ll give him space when he wants it.

And if he starts taking longer to reply to your texts and calls, or even stops replying, he’s probably checking your patience. Don’t blow up his phone demanding to know where he is or what’s up. Just chill and let him be. Stay calm and keep doing your own thing. That shows him you’re not all clingy or possessive.

Also, if he starts acting like he’s not that into you, stops giving you compliments, or backs off when it comes to being affectionate and intimate, he’s testing you to see how you’ll react. Don’t beg him for attention or affection – focus on your own things instead. Just be cool and patiently give him space to come back around. Getting mad or desperate will only prove to him that you can’t handle how independent he is.

He Asks Personal Questions To Test Your Honesty

He’ll ask you all kinds of questions about yourself – what’s up in your life, what matters to you, where you see yourself going, that type of thing. Don’t hold back on him – just be real and honest with your answers. That’s how he decides if you’re someone he can actually trust and connect with on a deeper level.

Sagittarians really value people being their true, genuine selves. When you open up to him and his questions, you show him you have nothing to hide and that you’re comfortable enough to share who you really are. Don’t be scared to ask him deep questions in your conversations, either. Meaningful talks are the way to win his heart and earn his trust.

Final Advice

Keep your eyes open for these sly tactics. And remember, his intention isn’t to play games or mess with your head. He just wants to make doubly sure you two are compatible before he fully commits. If you can show him you’re up for whatever challenges he throws at you, pass all his tricky tests with flying colors, and keep him on his hooves, you’ll have yourself an incredible Centaur who’s primed to take things to the next stage with you.

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