Lízání Udary ve snech: Co to skutečně znamená?

Have you ever woken up after a vivid dream where you were licking an udara – you know, that sweet and sour African star apple? If so, it may surprise you, but the meaning behind this tropical fruit dream is actually pretty fascinating once you dig a little deeper.

Symbolism And Spiritual Meaning

The udara fruit – sometimes called the African star apple – is an exotic tropical treasure. This ball-shaped fruit grows on trees native to Africa, especially West Africa. With its leathery green skin and sweet, jelly-like flesh, the udara is a unique treat.

When it comes to dreaming about plucking Udara and then licking it, it represents a desire for abundance, success, and new beginnings in your waking life. And since Udara is such a sweet treat, licking or eating it in your dreams can also indicate that you’re about to reap the rewards from past efforts. All that work you’ve been putting in will finally pay off. So, if you’ve been dreaming about plucking and enjoying Udara, take it as a good omen. Exciting changes and opportunities seem to be heading your way!

Wisdom & Knowledge

In African spirituality, Udara fruit is seen as a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and enlightenment. Licking the fruit in your dream may signify your desire or need for more wisdom, knowledge, and inner clarity in your waking life.

The dream could even be nudging you to seek out some guidance from wise people. I’m talking teachers, elders, spiritual guides – someone who’s walked the path already and might be able to shed some light on what’s ahead for you. Those dream Udaras could be your mind’s way of saying it’s time to learn from those who know, so they can help you see which direction is best to move in going forward.

Good Fortune & Prosperity

Udara fruit is also associated with good fortune, abundance, and prosperity. Licking this fruit in your dream may suggest that you are on the cusp of a fortunate turn of events or an increase in prosperity in your life. However, you may need to gain more wisdom and insight first before you are ready to properly receive and manage this abundance.

Not that any of us ever feel fully ready to win the lottery or get a big promotion, but I think it’s saying to trust your instincts and judgment a bit more. Make sure you’ve got a good head on your shoulders to handle what’s coming.

The Act of Licking It

The act of licking the fruit in your dream also represents you absorbing and internalizing the wisdom and enlightenment that the Udara fruit symbolizes. The dream is encouraging you to actively seek out knowledge and consume information that can help you spiritually evolve and advance to the next stage of your inner journey. Pay attention to any books, teachings, or lessons that seem to cross your path in the coming days as they may contain valuable insights meant for you at this time.


Dreaming about licking Udara fruit likely signifies a period of spiritual growth and enlightenment in your future, but only if you are willing to put in the effort to actively pursue knowledge and wisdom from spiritual sources that can guide you. The dream is meant to inspire and motivate you to continue progressing on your inner path.

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