Ne, muž s rakovinou se nevrátí, když ho budete ignorovat

You were head over heels for that Cancer man. But then, something went down, and you thought giving him the silent treatment would make him want you more.

Bad idea to give a Cancer man the cold shoulder or force him to do anything. If you want him back in your life, ignoring him is the worst thing you can do. In the short term, it may work because he’ll miss you, but in the long run, it’ll only make things worse. Best to try talking it out or giving him space, not the cold shoulder.

Why Ignoring A Cancer Man Is Not Effective

A Cancer man is sensitive and emotional, so ignoring him is hurtful and will likely backfire. Ignorance certainly won’t make him come back. He craves closeness and affection, so distancing yourself will make him feel rejected and confused. Rather than pulling away, give your Cancer man reassurance that you care. Never straight up ignore him – he’ll take it really personally.

And if he did something to upset you, don’t ignore him as punishment. That’ll only make things worse. Have an open chat about what happened instead. What you think of as ignoring him might feel totally different from his perspective.

It Only Fuels His Insecurities

Cancerians can be really sensitive. When you ignore them or don’t give them enough attention, it really hurts their feelings. They start thinking that maybe you don’t love them anymore or that they’re not important to you. This makes them question the whole relationship. “Do they even care about me?” they ask themselves. “Why won’t they pay attention to me?”

Ignoring Cancer is just about the worst thing you can do if you want to stay close to them. It just pushes them further away instead of bringing you together. You really have to make Cancers feel loved and cared for, or else they’ll start to drift off. A little affection and listening go a long way with these big-hearted people.

You Activate His Protective Nature

When Cancer starts feeling threatened or insecure, their first instinct is usually to just pull back into their shell where they feel safest. And trying to ignore them or push them away when they’re feeling that way is only going to make them want to withdraw even more and put up even thicker walls between you. That just builds more distance and leads to more misunderstandings between you.

The more you try to ignore them or not deal with what’s really bothering them, the more layers they’re going to add to that protective shell of theirs. Before you know it, they’ve sealed themselves up so tight that you can’t even begin to reach them. It’s just human nature for Cancers to want to retreat when they feel vulnerable – the key is finding a way to make them feel secure opening up to you instead.

It Pushes Him Away

With that being said, when a Cancer man feels ignored or shut out, he will often retreat into his shell for protection. The more you ignore him, the more distant he will become. This creates a vicious cycle where the relationship continues to deteriorate. He may even come to a point where he does not want to talk to you anymore or unfollow you on social media.

It’s easy to see how this situation can spiral out of control if nothing changes. The Cancer man takes any perceived slight or lack of attention very personally. To him, it feels like a rejection, even if that wasn’t the intention at all. So he pulls away as a form of self-preservation, to avoid feeling more pain.

It Doesn’t Solve Anything

Ignoring a Cancer man is only going to make things worse. I get that sometimes it’s easier in the moment to pull back and avoid dealing with issues. But you’re not really solving anything by sweeping problems under the rug. Any tensions or communication struggles between you are just going to keep festering away if you don’t address them head on.

And over time, all that unresolved stuff is going to cause a lot of built up resentment and frustration. Before you know it, that resentment has poisoned your relationship. These crabby guys wear their hearts on their sleeves, so not being open and honest is the quickest way to really damage the bond you’ve built together. Even if a conversation might be tough in the short run, you’ll both feel a lot better getting things out in the open.

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If you’re hoping that ignoring your Cancer man will bring him back, think again. We get that you’re hurt and want him to realize what he’s missing, but that silent treatment won’t work on this sensitive crab. If you want that connection back, you have to open up and have an honest chat about what went wrong. Don’t attack or blame – he’ll just retreat further into his shell.

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