The 5 Best Car Colors According To Feng Shui

feng shui car colors

You may not have given much thought to how the color of your car affects your life, but according to feng shui principles, it can actually play a significant role.

Certain colors and shades are believed to enhance specific areas, so picking the right paint job could lead to improvements in your relationships, career, health, and more. Intrigued? Read on to discover the top five car colors for good feng shui and why they can make a difference.

Red For Money

We all know that bright red is an energizing, lucky color in feng shui. So it’s no surprise that it’s a top choice for attracting wealth and prosperity!

Driving a red car is supposed to radiate positive chi energy that activates the money area of your home or business. And let’s face it, red is just a vibrant, exciting color that symbolizes passion, speed, and adventure. All of those things could help increase your financial gains if you believe in feng shui.

Red sports car or sedan, in particular, can really rev up your cash flow just by being in your possession. Of course, you have to be careful not to get too carried away with the whole red vehicle thing. Make sure you obey all traffic laws so you don’t end up with any red light tickets! Safety first, for sure. Moderation is key with anything involving money and luck.

If you’re looking for a boost to your bank account, considering getting yourself a red set of wheels might not be a bad idea. According to feng shui beliefs, it could provide just the mystical money magic you need through the power of color.

Black For Power

Black is considered the most powerful color in feng shui when it comes to vehicles. Choosing black for your car can convey several positive meanings.

For one, a black car projects a real sense of authority on the road. There’s something about the color that makes the car seem very confident and in control. Police vehicles are often black for this reason – it commands respect.

Black is also seen as quite a sophisticated color choice. It’s thought of as more refined and even elite compared to other colors. Driving a black car might give off the vibe that you have discerning tastes.

In terms of feng shui, black is believed to absorb negative energy that surrounds the car. So it provides a protective quality as you drive around. Any bad vibes or aura just get soaked up by the black paint job.

Stability is another attribute of black. It represents firmness and being grounded. So, a black car can symbolize reliability and that you have things together.

Interestingly, black is also linked to attracting good fortune in your career path, according to feng shui. Choosing it for your vehicle may help prosperity in your line of work.

Silver For Safe Journeys

Many people choose silver cars because they associate the color with safety and protection. The reflectiveness of silver helps make the car more visible on dark or rainy roads, increasing the chances other drivers will see you. This can help avoid accidents and arrive safely at your destination.

In feng shui, the metal element represents strength and the ability to overcome obstacles. Driving a silver vehicle may help clear your path and steer you around potential dangers. With the reflective shine of silver deflecting harm, it also wards off bad luck according to feng shui beliefs. This makes silver an excellent color choice for frequent drivers who want an extra layer of security on the road.

Beyond visibility and protection, the calm energy of silver can create a soothing environment inside the car. In feng shui, silver is connected to the moon and promotes coolness. So, on crowded highways with stressful traffic, the silver hue may help you feel more relaxed and in control of your vehicle. You can navigate through hectic conditions with greater ease and calmness.

Gold For Wealth

According to feng shui, choosing a gold-colored car can attract prosperity and abundance into your life. The rich metallic color of gold really radiates a sense of luxury, status, and success.

When you’re driving a gold vehicle, it subconsciously signals to the universe that you expect wealth and riches to start flowing your way. The vibrant gold hue also has a way of energizing your money sector according to Feng Shui principles.

I’d recommend opting for a true, bold gold color rather than something more pale like champagne or beige. While any shade of gold can conjure up notions of wealth, the most vibrant gold possible makes the biggest impact and aligns best with Feng Shui principles for attracting good fortune.

Whether you select a yellow-gold or rose-gold, this dynamic color choice will keep you feeling optimistic and empowered when it comes to money matters. The radiant gold color just puts you in a prosperous mindset.

By the way, are you thinking about getting a new ride this year? 2024 is going to be the Chinese Year of the Dragon, and dragons are associated with the color gold. So you may want to consider picking out a vehicle that’s gold if you buy in 2024 – it’s supposed to bring you good luck based on the Chinese zodiac!

Green For Health And Balance

Green is considered a very balanced and harmonious color according to feng shui beliefs. It’s said to symbolize good health, wellness, and renewal. Driving a vehicle that’s green in color can really help promote a sense of calm and relaxation.

Other than that, green cars are thought to last a long time and potentially have fewer mechanical issues over the years of ownership. The green hue brings positive energy that keeps a car running smoothly.

Of course, taking good care of any vehicle will help ensure it treats you well no matter the paint job. But there’s no harm in choosing a green one if you’re intrigued by the ideas behind feng shui and driving enjoyment.

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