Jaké zdravotní potíže mohou narušit kvalitu spánku?

Overall health and well-being are highly dependent on your sleep quality. It’s what allows your body systems to recharge while allowing proper regulation of hormones. Unfortunately, some health problems can come your way of getting quality sleep. Depending on the health concern, sleep impairment takes place to different extents. Here are some of the main issues to be mindful about.


This is a common injury when there is a sudden head and neck jerking motion. It makes the ligaments and tendons around the upper neck overstretched, which is the source of frequent headaches. This pain and impact can make sleeping comfortably at night hectic. The muscle tension and stiffness around the shoulders also cause further disruption of sleep quality when not adequately addressed. 

Visiting a chiropractic care center in Sacramento can significantly deal with the affected area. A competent auto accident chiropractor in Sacramento will plan for regular visits during which they’ll do chiropractic adjustments to address the situation. These treatments will also be effective in dealing with migraines and headaches, leading to a better quality of life.

Restless Leg Syndrome

This neurological disorder brings an itching, throbbing, or tingling feeling while sleeping. It mostly happens while you’re inactive, like when sitting or lying down, and makes it tempting to move to deal with discomfort. The physical disturbance usually happens at a regular interval, interfering with the quality of life.

The peak of these symptoms is usually at night or during the evening, which makes failing and maintaining sleep difficult. The effect of this disorder is impaired functioning and daytime fatigue. It’s essential to get an examination from a neurologist or sleep specialist who will do a physical examination and do a thorough medical history review.

Mental Health Disorders

Common mental health problems, like anxiety, depression, and PTSD, are points of concern regarding sleep. Anxiety, for instance, can make your thoughts race and stop you from relaxing enough to fall asleep. Depression might make you sleep too much or not enough. PTSD can bring on nightmares or night terrors that break up your sleep and leave you tired during the day.

Mental health issues can make other sleep problems worse, like insomnia or sleep apnea. The stress and emotional load of dealing with mental illness bring about poor sleep quality. Speaking with a mental health specialist can be elemental in reversing the symptoms of these conditions and progressively give you a full recovery.


The sleep-wake cycles are specific and regular, but the patterns are negatively affected when you have this neurological disorder. You lose control over when to sleep or wake, resulting in abrupt sleep attacks during the day. It may as well bring about excessive daytime sleepiness.

This affects nighttime hours by causing sleep paralysis and hallucinations. Some of the triggers for this condition include hormonal imbalances and major psychological stress. It’s paramount for quick treatment to prevent a decline in cognitive function and brain function in general.

Sleep Apnea

This common sleep disorder is characterized by shallow breathing or, at times, breathing pauses. These interruptions can happen many times during the night, fragmenting sleep. The impact is also seen in the oxygen level, which lowers since the gaseous exchange isn’t completed.

There are two primary categories of sleep apnea: central sleep apnea, and OSA (Obstructive sleep apnea). Common apnea signs are daytime fatigue, morning headaches, and loud snoring at night. Efforts such as weight loss management and positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy can help deal with the condition.

Sleep is paramount for a healthy life. This makes it necessary to address any issues that could interfere with the way you sleep. Whether it’s a sleeping disorder or physical pain, seek professional help to restore your regular bedtime.

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