10 Baby Names That Mean Void, Empty, or Nothingness

You’re expecting a new bundle of joy but can’t seem to find the right name. And we get it – baby names are a big deal. So here’s an idea: why not pick something totally unique and give your little one a moniker that means “void,” “empty,” or “nothingness”?

Sure, it sounds weird at first, but these names can actually be quite lovely when you dig into their origins and meanings. And let’s be honest, your baby is anything but a void! They’ll fill your heart with more love than you could imagine.


Meaning “void, empty, or nothingness” in Sanskrit, Khali is a bold name for a bold baby. While a name with such a meaning may seem odd, its cultural significance and melodic sound make it appealing.

In Hinduism, Khali represents the goddess of time and doomsday. She is said to be the power behind the total destruction of the universe at the end of each cycle of creation.

Despite these heavy connotations, Khali has a lovely, lilting quality when spoken. Your little Khali may grow up to be a deep thinker fascinated by philosophy and spirituality. She would surely appreciate the cultural legacy behind her distinctive name.


Kuro is a Japanese name meaning “black” or “void.” It’s a simple yet striking choice for a name. Kuro is a direct and straightforward name with depth behind its simplicity. The color black and concept of emptiness or nothingness have long been sources of fascination and contemplation across cultures. The name Kuro encapsulates these intriguing associations in just two syllables. If you value brevity along with meaning, Kuro could make a superb name choice.


In Hinduism, the concept of Sunya represents void or emptiness. It refers to a state of nothingness that one can achieve through deep meditation and clearing of all thoughts. A baby named Sunya would carry this spiritual meaning with them.

While Sunya may seem like an unusual choice for a name, there is a calming essence to it. The void that Sunya represents is one of stillness and silence within. A child named Sunya could grow up with a natural sense of inner peace. Their very name would remind them of the tranquility that lies beneath all worldly distractions.


Nirvana is a powerful name that means “freedom from desire and suffering” in Sanskrit. As a baby name, I think Nirvana has a beautiful meaning, too. It represents the idea of enlightenment. That’s like reaching the highest level of understanding and awareness. And it also means spiritual peace. So the child who has that name might grow up feeling very calm and content on the inside.


The name Akasha comes from Sanskrit and actually means something like “open space, void or sky”. In certain spiritual beliefs and philosophies, Akasha represents the fifth element after the more well-known ones of air, earth, fire and water. It’s thought to signify the kind of ethereal, non-physical space that contains and encompasses everything else in the universe.

The name is suggesting this vast, immaterial area where all things exist. Some traditions view Akasha as more than just empty space too – they believe it has certain properties of its own or carries subtle energies and forces. So the name Akasha points to this mysterious fifth element that’s all around us and interwoven throughout creation according to those perspectives.


You’re looking for a unique name meaning ’empty’ or ‘void’ for your baby girl? Consider Hina. This charming Japanese name translates to both “sunny place” as well as “empty, void.” I know, those meanings do seem a bit contradictory at first glance. But when you consider the name Hina as a whole, I think the intent becomes clearer. You see, while it references that sense of openness or emptiness, it does so in a bright, warm way – just like a “sunny place.”

To me, choosing Hina says that, yes, there is that sense of nothingness or lack, but it’s filled with light and positivity. It’s an empty space just waiting to be filled with joy. And for a baby girl, what better qualities could you want in a name? It implies she will be a beacon of brightness and a welcoming, open person.

Emptiness is not always a bad thing


Liraz means “light” or ”light of God” in Hebrew. In Israel, Liraz is often used for both boys and girls. As a female name,it’s a poetic, whimsical choice that conjures up images of lightness, brightness, and illumination. For a boy, it has a modern, celestial feel that is an intriguing alternative to names like Luca or Elijah.

For a little girl, Liraz just sounds delicate and ethereal. It makes me picture a sweet child with a glowing smile, full of joy and wonder. The name evokes lightness and brightness – it’s like she spreads illumination everywhere she goes.


The name Vacantia comes from Latin, meaning “empty” or “void.” If you’re looking for a unique name meaning nothingness, Vacantia is an excellent choice.

If you or someone you know has been on the hunt for an unusual name with real significance behind it, you really can’t do much better than Vacantia. The history and definition just give it such a cool vibe. It’s an excellent choice for someone wanting a name that truly captures the essence of nothingness.


Voida is an unusual baby name that means “empty space” or “void” in Latin. If you’re looking for a unique, thought-provoking name for your little one, Voida could be an interesting choice. While some may see it as too obscure or strange, others will appreciate its rarity and meaning.

Use it for a girl and consider combining it with a more feminine middle name for balance, or use it for either gender and let your child’s personality shape how they view the name. Whatever you decide, Voida is sure to be a conversation starter!


Similar to Sunya, Shunya is a Sanskrit name that means “zero” or “void”. If you’re looking for a unique name with philosophical depth, Shunya could be an interesting choice. In Hinduism, the shunya refers to a state of emptiness or non-existence, representing freedom from worldly concerns and ultimate reality. It’s meant to represent being free from all worldly concerns and attachments. Shunya is supposed to symbolize grasping the true ultimate reality beyond just the physical world that we see.

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