10 “Karmic” Names That Mean Tortured Soul

You know those people who seem to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders? The ones who have an innate sadness or seriousness about them, even as kids? The old souls who were born seeming a little haunted? Their parents must have seen i,t too, because somehow they ended up with names that totally fit their somber temperaments. Or maybe you want to name your kid something that captures the tortured soul vibe. Here’s a roundup of baby names that mean “tortured soul.”

The Meaning Behind Names That Connote A “Tortured Soul”

Some names just have a certain je ne sais quoi that suggests their bearer has known deep anguish or sorrow. Names like Dolor, meaning “sorrow” in Latin, convey a sense of sadness right away. Others like Tristan, from the Latin root tristis meaning “sorrowful” or “sad,” suggest a melancholy nature.

Biblical And Mythological References

Names like Job, from the long-suffering biblical figure, or Prometheus, the Greek titan condemned to eternal suffering for giving fire to humans, immediately evoke images of hardship and anguish. The name Cain, the biblical son of Adam and Eve who murdered his brother, Abel, is another name rife with tortured connotations.

Allusions To Physical or Emotional Pain

Names that reference wounds, scars or suffering, like Cicatrix (Latin for “scar”) or Poena (Latin for “pain”), plainly suggest hardship. Similarly, the name Angst, meaning “anxiety” or “dread” in German, clearly alludes to emotional distress. The name Dolente, meaning “sorrowful” or “sad” in Italian, is another transparent reference to an afflicted inner life.

10 Names For Tortured Souls


In the Bible, Cain was the first murderer, killing his own brother out of jealousy. What a tragic backstory for a character. The name itself means ‘spear’ or ‘smith’, symbolizing violence.


Everyone knows the creepy kid from ‘The Omen’ was named Damien. The name has become synonymous with evil and a tortured soul. In real life, Damien means ‘to tame, subdue’ – maybe your character is struggling to subdue their own inner demons.


The legend of Faustus tells of a man who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge and pleasure. A character named Faustus would imply a deep internal struggle between good and evil, right and wrong.


The brooding and vengeful character from Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff, is a perfect example of a tortured soul in literature. Your character named Heathcliff would likely be dark, mysterious, and troubled by a painful past and unrequited love.


As the queen of Israel, Jezebel was a manipulative and wicked woman who really caused some trouble. The scriptures don’t paint a very flattering picture of her at all. Because of her misdeeds, the name Jezebel has taken on a whole new meaning nowadays. When someone calls a woman a Jezebel, they’re basically saying she’s a scheming, immoral person who will do just about anything to get her way, even if it means hurting others.


In Norse mythology, Loki is this trickster god known for causing trouble and even doing some downright evil stuff. But at the same time, you have to feel for the guy a little bit. He really gets ostracized and cast out because of the bad things he does. And it’s like, his name Loki itself suggests what a complicated dude he is.

On the one hand, he’s up to all this sinister and mischievous behavior. But then again, part of him seems like he wants to do better and be more on the side of good. He just can’t seem to escape that dark side of his. So in a way, he’s almost relatable – maybe we’ve all struggled between our good and bad impulses at times.


In Greek myth, Persephone was the goddess of springtime but for half the year she was trapped down in the underworld. Her name is actually interesting because it suggests she had two sides to her – on one hand she represented innocence and life, but on the other hand she also represented darkness and death since she spent time in the underworld. It’s like the perfect way to describe someone with a tortured soul.


The name Dolores comes from Spanish, and it actually means “sorrows” or “pains.” It’s usually connected to the Virgin Mary when she’s called “Our Lady of Sorrows.” That title represents all the suffering she went through.


In Greek mythology, Cassandra was cursed by the god Apollo. She could see the future and prophesy true things, but no one would ever believe her predictions.

Someone who is tortured internally, like Cassandra was, would relate to that burden of knowing truths that others ignore. The name Cassandra itself also has a dark, mysterious feel that hints at depth, complexity and tragedy. It conjures up images of struggle, just like a tortured person experiences.


Lilith originated from Hebrew mythology and Jewish folklore. She’s often portrayed as a demon or evil spirit. Some people see her as representing women who rebel, and she’s connected to ideas of chaos, temptation, and darkness.

Bottom Line

If you really vibe with those dark names, don’t let anyone else make you second guess yourself. It’s your kid or fur baby, so you get to pick the name. Go with what feels right in your heart. You never know, maybe choosing one of those names will be a blessing in disguise for them – they could own who they are and live their best life because of it!

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