11 Mind-Blowing Things Happening Every Second In The World

Ever stop to think about how much happens every single second around the world? Every moment, our planet is buzzing with activity in ways you probably never imagined. Just one second is all it takes for some pretty mind-blowing things to unfold across the globe.

You’re about to get a glimpse into 11 unbelievable things that are happening right now as you read this—prepare to have your mind blown.

1 Million Google Searches Are Made

Every single second, over a million people are searching on Google. That’s over 8.5 billion searches every day.

Everything under the sun – from basic questions about the meaning of life to random thoughts that pop into our heads. The top searches are usually about entertainment, social networks, and practical needs.

People also frequently look up health questions, how-to queries, celebrity news, sports scores, recipes, TV shows, and music lyrics. What will you search for today?

Air Travel Takes Off

Every second, over 100 passengers board an airplane somewhere in the world. With over 100,000 commercial flights taking off each day, air travel has become an integral part of how we live and do business globally.

As aircraft and engine technology improves, travel times are decreasing and routes are expanding to smaller regional airports. Low-cost carriers are also making air travel more accessible. All this means frequent fliers like yourself are racking up lots of miles and memories.

$114,000 In E-commerce Sales

Every second, people spend $114,000 shopping online. That’s over $9.6 million per day spent on e-commerce. Most of this is on major sites like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba, but small businesses also benefit from a share of online shopping.

Food Consumption Rates

Every second, the world consumes a staggering amount of food. In the blink of an eye, people eat and drink:

  • Over 12 tons of rice, a staple grain for nearly half the world’s population.
  • 170,000 cups of coffee to help fuel another day.
  • 50,000 cans of soda or sugary drinks, though consumption rates are declining in some areas.
  • 500 hamburgers as the fast food industry continues to grow globally.
  • 12,000 bananas, one of the most popular fruits in the world.
  • 50,000 potatoes, prepared in every way imaginable.
  • 1.1 million pounds of food in total.

When you consider these consumption rates, it’s no wonder that sustainable and ethically sourced food is an issue that affects us all. Reducing waste, educating about healthy diets, and supporting fair trade and organic options are small steps each person can take to make a difference. Our daily food choices shape the world, so consider choosing wisely and spreading awareness about these shocking consumption stats.

Births And Deaths Each Moment

Every second, an incredible number of births and deaths occur around the world. Roughly 4.5 babies are born each second. That’s 270 births per minute, 16,200 births per hour, and 388,000 births per day. The majority of these births are happening in developing countries, with India and China making up a large percentage of daily births.

Unfortunately, about 2 people die each second. This amounts to 120 people per minute, 7,200 people per hour, and 172,800 deaths per day. The majority of deaths are from age-related diseases and health conditions. However, a large number are also due to poverty-related causes like malnutrition, lack of medical care, and preventable diseases.

The circle of life continues at an astonishing pace, with new lives coming into this world as others leave it behind every moment. But each life, no matter how fleeting, has the potential to create positive change.

6,000 Photos Are Posted On Instagram

6,000 photos are posted on Instagram every second. With over a billion people using it each month to share their pictures, it’s no wonder Instagram has become the place to be for finding cool photos online.

The massive volume of photos shared each second is staggering when you stop to think about it. All those personal moments, memories, milestones, and mundane details of life are captured and shared in an instant. Love it or hate it, Instagram is a cultural phenomenon and visual inspiration.

90kg of Food Is Wasted

Every single second, a staggering 90 kilograms of food is wasted around the world. Most of this waste happens at the consumer level in developed countries, where people simply throw out perfectly edible food. Some of the reasons for this unnecessary food waste include:

  • Poor meal planning: Not planning meals in advance often means buying more food than you need and letting leftovers spoil.
  • Impulse purchases: Buying food on impulse that you end up not using before it expires. Make a list before shopping and stick to it.
  • Misunderstanding “best by” dates: These dates are not expiration dates. Most food is still safe and nutritious for some time after the “best by” date. Use your senses—if it looks, smells and tastes fine, it probably is.
  • Overportioning: Putting too much food on your plate, which then gets thrown out. Take only what you need and save leftovers for another meal.

500 Burgers Are Eaten

The fast food industry is booming, and burgers are a major part of that. According to estimates, about 500 burgers are eaten around the world every single second. That works out to over 43 million burgers consumed every day! Whether it’s a Big Mac, Whopper, or homemade patty, burgers are satisfying people’s appetites at an astonishing rate.

The 500 burgers per second stat really shows how ubiquitous this handheld meal has become in cultures around the globe. Despite health trends promoting salads and smoothies, burgers remain a guilty pleasure and comfort food for millions. As long as people continue to crave a juicy burger, the fast food chains and burger joints of the world will keep them coming at a breakneck pace.

2.5 Million Emails Are Sent

A whopping 2.5 million emails are sent around the world in only 1 second. That’s nearly 220 billion emails each day pinging servers and filling up inboxes. The vast majority of these are business or work-related, as email remains the primary form of communication for most companies and teams.

A fair number of these emails are also spam or junk messages, sent en masse by botnets to millions of unsuspecting recipients. According to Quora, roughly 40% of all emails sent are spam. Thankfully, spam filters and improved email security have helped curb some of the worst spam offenders over the years, but millions of spam emails still end up in inboxes daily.

The Sun “Shoots” Over One Million Tons of Particles Into Space

The sun is a massive nuclear reaction, fusing hydrogen into helium and producing enormous amounts of energy and radiation. All that energy and matter have to go somewhere—and every second, the sun shoots out over a million tons of particles into space in all directions.

These solar winds and flares blast out of the sun at hundreds of kilometers per second, carrying the sun’s magnetic field and high-energy particles far out into the solar system. As the particles stream out, some get caught in the magnetic fields of the planets, creating auroras like the Northern Lights.

Lightning Strikes The Earth 100 Times

Believe it or not, every second, lightning is flashing across the sky and striking the Earth’s surface. In that single second, there are around 100 lightning strikes hitting the ground somewhere in the world. That works out to nearly 9 million strikes per day and over 3.5 billion per year. With temperatures hotter than the surface of the sun and electrical charges strong enough to power a 100-watt light bulb for more than three months, lightning is an incredible force of nature.

The immense energy from all that electricity has to go somewhere, and the vast majority of the time, it’s conducted to the ground, which is why we see those bright flashes in the sky followed by the loud clap of thunder. Most lightning occurs within clouds, but the bolts that hit the ground are the ones that get our attention. That energy can spark wildfires, damage power grids, and even destroy entire buildings.

Bottom Line

Look around you, at any given second so much is happening in the world. Events unfolding, milestones achieved, discoveries made. As you’ve seen from this list, amazing things are constantly happening all over the planet every single second of every single day.

Appreciate each moment, and make the most of your seconds. Time is fleeting, so live in the present and make each second count. Our world is a vibrant, busy place, so take it all in and enjoy the ride.

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