5 Things A Heartbroken Virgo Woman Does After A Breakup

Heartbreak is never easy, but for a Virgo woman, it can be especially difficult. Virgos tend to be perfectionists and want everything just right, so when a relationship ends, it can feel like a personal failure.

Virgos can be really tough on themselves. Even when someone else breaks their heart, they sometimes think it was their own fault. Here are five things Virgo women tend to do after going through a broken heart.

She Withdraws Into Her Shell

Even when she’s not heartbroken, she values her alone time. After a breakup, she’ll isolate herself to process everything that happened. She needs space to analyze the relationship, understand where things went wrong, and start the healing process.

Don’t be surprised if she’s not answering your texts or making excuses when you try to hang out. It’s got nothing to do with you – she just really wants some time alone to reflect on stuff. She’s making lists of pros and cons, going over old conversations in her head, really trying to logic her way to feeling better about it being over.

Once she’s sorted through her feelings and thoughts, she’ll come out of her shell. At first she might still seem a bit sad, but underneath you can tell she’s starting to feel more at peace with it. That’s just how my analytical friend processes a broken heart.

Have patience and be there for her when she’s ready. She’ll appreciate you giving her space but also being supportive. Even though she stepped back for a bit, she still cares about her people. Your kindness will help her feel comfortable opening back up and moving on to the next chapter.

She Analyzes What Went Wrong

She starts by replaying the relationship in her head, analyzing each interaction and conversation, trying to pinpoint what she could have done differently. As a Virgo, she’s hard on herself, quick to blame internal flaws for the failure. But with time and distance, she’ll come to see the bigger picture.

The Virgo woman will make lists of pros and cons, rehashing events to gain insight into her ex’s behavior and motivations. She’s searching for the root cause, that one critical moment where things went awry. While the urge to self-criticize is strong, she’s also capable of seeing the truth – that it takes two to make or break a relationship.

With her analytical mind and perfectionistic nature, acceptance won’t come easy. But once she’s processed each stage of the breakup, she’ll start to shift her focus inward. She realizes the only thing she can control is how she chooses to move forward.

She Throws Herself Into Work and Self-Improvement

The breakup has been really hard on her. As a Virgo, she’s always been very perfectionistic and hard on herself. Now she’s really doubling down on that. All of her energy and focus is going into being the best she can be at work.

She’s volunteering for any extra projects that come up, and she’s working even longer hours than before. The more busy she keeps herself, the less time she has to sit and think about the breakup. It helps keep her mind occupied.

On top of that, she just signed up for an online course to learn something new, like a foreign language or another skill. She finds that constantly improving herself and learning new things really boosts her confidence. It helps her feel a sense of progress and accomplishment, since other parts of her life aren’t going so well right now.

She also started a new workout routine or diet change. Having that control over her health and body makes her feel like she’s taking charge of at least one thing. And the exercise releases good hormones and endorphins that lift her mood and help fight off sadness and anxiety about the breakup.

She Will Post Sad Quotes On Social Media

She processes her feelings by analyzing and expressing them. What better way to do that than by posting emotional quotes and lyrics on social media for all her followers to see? She may share posts about lost love, heartbreak and moving on, such as:

“My tears are dragging my heart down to the bottom of the ocean.”

“It’s easy to move forward and leave something behind. But the real challenge is staying focused on the future and not looking back.”

Sharing these types of posts is her way of coping with the grief in a thoughtful, poetic manner. She wants her social circles to know she’s hurting, but also that she will heal and become stronger. The quotes she chooses are carefully curated to really reflect her inner emotions during this difficult time.

For a Virgo woman, putting her feelings into words, whether her own or by sharing the words of others, is an important step to mending her broken heart. She’s ruled by the Mercury, the planet of communication, after all!

She Cleans And Organizes

When a Virgo woman’s heart gets broken, her need for cleanliness and orderliness intensifies. As a way to distract herself from the emotional pain, she throws herself into cleaning and organizing her space.

Her apartment will truly sparkle from the effort. She deep cleans the entire place from top to bottom. The floors get scrubbed until they shine. The walls are thoroughly wiped down so not a smudge remains. Even the windows are cleaned inside and out so the light can stream in unobstructed.

Everything has its place once more. Her pantry and closets are completely reorganized. Not an item is out of place. Anything unnecessary or unused gets tossed. Where there was once clutter, now there is clear surfaces and empty shelves.

The organization extends to her mind as well. For a Virgo, this type of cleaning creates order when emotionally everything feels chaotic. Putting things neatly in their home gives a sense of control over her surroundings. In the tidy space, she finds solace and comfort during the difficult time. A sparkling clean apartment is a reflection of the order she seeks within.

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