6 Ways To Make A Leo Man Feel Super Guilty For Hurting You

You just caught your Leo man red-handed in a lie. Now, he’s trying to charm his way out of it with that dazzling smile. Don’t let him off the hook that easy, sister. It’s time to put those lion pride leadership skills to work and make him feel the burn of guilt. We’ll give you the inside scoop on understanding your Leo man’s ego and knowing exactly how to puncture it.

Flatter Other Men

Leos are fiercely proud and competitive, so seeing you giving attention to other males can prick his ego. However, I do not recommend flattery that is overly obvious or excessive, as that may come across as manipulative and breed more resentment.

A better approach would be to start spending time with other friends, including male friends, in a natural way. Talk positively about those male friends in front of your Leo partner. For example, you could mention how a coworker or friend went out of his way to help you with something. This shows your Leo man that other men value you and find you interesting, without being manipulative or excessive.

Subtly Playing On His Conscience

To make a Leo feel remorseful, you have to appeal to his noble nature. Drop hints that his actions have hurt you without being too obvious. For example, post a poignant song lyric about lost love or betrayal on social media. Mention an inside joke you used to share or place you enjoyed visiting together. The memories will tug at his heartstrings.

When you do see him in person, don’t accuse or attack. Instead, look slightly sad when your eyes meet. Give a wistful smile that fades too quickly. Your subtle clues will penetrate his proud exterior and prick his conscience, leaving him with an uneasy feeling that he did you wrong.

Take it slow – let him come to you. His ego needs to believe it was his idea. When he reaches out, don’t make it too easy. His repentance will be sweeter if he works for your forgiveness. Play your cards right, and you’ll have your Leo roaring with regret.

Make Him Feel The Sting of Regret

Casually mention an exciting new hobby or interest you’ve developed recently. Drop hints about fun social events you have planned with friends. Post photos on social media of you smiling, laughing and clearly moving on from the relationship.

Leos hate feeling left out or replaced. He’ll start to regret losing you as he sees you slipping further away and realizing how much joy and life you brought to his world. The more indifferent you seem towards him, the more he’ll crave your affection and attention.

Stay strong and don’t give in too quickly if he comes back around making empty promises. Make him work to win you over again. His guilt and regret will drive him to try his hardest to make things right and recapture your heart. And when he does come back, make sure he knows you won’t settle for anything less than total devotion – you deserve nothing less!

Go No Contact

By cutting off all communication with the Leo man, you force him to miss you and think about what he did to hurt you. Going radio silent is the best way to make a Leo feel the burn for his actions.

Stop responding to his texts, calls and messages on social media. Don’t like or comment on any of his posts. Unfollow or mute him if you have to. The more you ignore him, the more he’ll crave your attention and affection.

Leos thrive on being the center of attention. When that spotlight suddenly goes dark, anxiety and guilt start to creep in. He’ll replay your last conversation over and over, wondering how he messed up and what he can do to make things right.

Let his calls go to voicemail and delete his messages unread. The longer you hold out, the more desperate he’ll become to win you back. By the time you do talk to him again, he’ll be overflowing with apologies and eager to make amends. Your silence speaks volumes, and it will teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget.

Share Your New Life

Post photos on Instagram and Facebook showing how great your life is without him. Upload selfies where you’re out with friends, trying a new restaurant, traveling, or participating in hobbies you enjoy. Like and comment on each other’s posts to make it seem like you have an active social circle.

The key is to appear happy and active without him in the picture. Leo men have big egos and want to feel needed. Showing him you’ve moved on and are living life to the fullest will wound his pride. He’ll start to regret how he treated you and may come crawling back, hoping to win you over again. If he does reach out, don’t make it easy on him. Let him work to earn your trust and affections once more. After all, what’s a little groveling for a lion’s ego?

Do Things You Used To Do Together

Doing things you used to enjoy together is a surefire way to make him realize what he’s missing. Go see that new action movie you were both dying to watch. Try the new fusion restaurant you had reservations for next month. Take a weekend trip to the cabin you rented for the summer. The familiarity of the activity will make the absence of your Leo guy painfully obvious.

When he sees photos on social media or hears from mutual friends that you’ve been engaging in “your” rituals and pastimes with another companion, his ego is bound to take a hit. Leos highly value loyalty and devotion, so you engaging in treasured shared experiences with someone else signals you’ve moved on—and that will sting. He may reach out to gage if the new person in your life is temporary or a real threat. His contact is a sign your strategy is working!

The key is not to rub his face in it or be vengeful. Simply continue to live your best life and rebuild your independence. In time, as the memories of the good times you shared creep into his mind, he’ll start to feel the burn of your absence and what he carelessly threw away. And that may just prompt an apologetic overture to win back your affection.

Getting Back At A Leo Is A Tricky Business

You don’t want to go overboard and make him feel like a terrible person, but you do want him to feel at least a little bad about how he’s treated you. The best approach is subtle – don’t nag him or be overly emotional. Let your poise and grace do the talking. If you act unaffected and unbothered, it’ll drive him crazy. He’ll wonder why you’re not more upset and start to feel guilty on his own.

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