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Creative potential should always be realized. So if you have ideas on how to make cool TikTok videos, head over to the VJump platform and become an author! It’s a great way to help others create awesome videos using your templates and earn money from it. Go to the link It’s very simple!

Who should become an author?

This TikTok editing app welcomes anyone who knows how to create interesting videos or needs ready-made templates to shoot them. Short and engaging videos are key to the success of bloggers in many niches. You should become an author here, especially if you fall into one of the categories below.

For beginner bloggers

If you’re just starting your career as a blogger and have original ideas that you implement in your blog, you should take a look at this platform. By creating an author account on it, you will be publishing your videos, which attracts attention to you as a person. Additionally, you can place links to your social media accounts in your profile, where your new audience can also click through.

As an additional bonus, you will earn money when other people use your template in this TikTok video editor.

For beginner video editors

If you want to start a career in video editing, you can also benefit from using this platform. How? It’s very simple. You will create templates that will be used by other people, and you will earn money for it. If you had to find such clients on your own, it would take much longer.

Furthermore, this platform will be a great place for you to gain experience and hone your skills in editing and creating transitions to perfection.

For those passionate about video editing

If editing TikTok videos is your hobby, why not monetize it? VJump highly values people who possess interesting skills and ideas in creating transitions. You can help other people with your creativity, as they can use your templates and easily promote their blogs using them. And in addition, you’ll earn money!

How to earn on the platform?

The earning system here is very simple. Users need to register and create a profile as an author, and then:

  1. Come up with an idea and shoot a video with a transition or effect.
  2. Submit it for moderation.
  3. Wait for the work to be reviewed.

After that, it will be published in the app, and all users will be able to see it and use it as a template. The platform pays you for each use of your video! That’s why it’s the best  TikTok editing app if you want not only to use templates but also to share them with others.

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