Cat Distribution System Is Real – Here’s Why!

The cat distribution system is one of the most famous phrases of Tiktoker @hermes.the.cynic, who believes that no cat comes into our lives without reason. Over time, however, people started to make fun of this phrase and see it as some kind of meme fad or a temporary trend to show off their cat on TikTok and get a few thousand followers via the hashtag #catdistributionsystem. Here, click for info to get your chance to create memes.

When @hermes.the.cynic’s video first appeared on my TikTok feed, I felt a bit of relief and comfort knowing that I was not alone in believing that cats are a gift from the universe.

The cat distribution system is real, and here’s why.

cat distribution system

Cats don’t come into our lives by accident

The world is full of magic, and finding a fluffy creature next to your door can be magical too. You may hear people say that any hungry animal would come where it knows or feels it will get food. But what about a kitten or a cat that appears out of nowhere in the forest, in the bush, or anywhere else, miles away from civilization?

Yes, this can still be logically explained. Someone got rid of the kitten, or their mother left or died. Still, why are you the one who found the kitten? Why did you find yourself in a given place at a given time?

I believe that the Universe has “distributed” the kitten or cat to you to teach you something, to make you realize something, or to open your heart and trust again (just like a kitten that has suffered a lot.) Either way, there’s more to it than just saving the kitten or keeping it warm and fed.

They remind us to live in the moment

Kittens are a blessing that comes into our lives when we are ready for them. They bring joy and wonder into our lives and remind us how to live in the moment without stressing about what will happen in an hour or tomorrow.

They teach us patience and love and remind us of the preciousness of life. They bring us comfort and joy when we are sad and help us put life into perspective again. Furthermore, these furballs help us to appreciate the beauty in life and show us the wonder of our creation.

Have you ever noticed that a cat can sit by a rock for hours and wait for a mouse to crawl out from under it? It is patience, dedication, and determination that cats teach us. Moreover, when the cat fails to catch the mouse, it does not start to scream or freak out. The cat is calm and will try again sometime.

There are so many things that cats can teach us, and if there’s anything you need to learn right now, it’s very likely that the universe will distribute a cat to you to start learning.

They are natural healers (and ghost repellers)

Cats are known for their healing abilities for both physical and mental health. For example, purring can help reduce stress, improve blood circulation, and release endorphins, which create a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Cats also help identify or soothe physical discomforts, such as cold limbs. One of my cats, who appeared one day on my porch, often lay on my feet. Since I have diabetes and my lower legs are significantly affected, it seemed like she sensed this and was trying to warm them up.

Furthermore, cats provide comfort and companionship to those feeling anxious or depressed. They are incredibly perceptive animals and can help people with mental health challenges identify feelings of loneliness or fear.

Oh, and let’s not forget that cats are some of the best ghost repellers! The ancient Japanese believed that a cat could ward off ghosts or other negative entities and would never set sail on a ship without this cute creature. So the universe could have distributed the cat to help you or to help protect you from evil forces.

And what about you? Do you believe in the universal cat distribution system? Have you been lucky enough to find or receive a cat that changed your life for the better? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter!

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