Cat Distribution System Is Real! Here’s Why

Have you heard about the universal cat distribution system thing on TikTok? Apparently, the TikTok user @hermes.the.cynic really believes that no cat comes into our lives by accident. Many TikTokers think that cats are sent to us for a reason.

At first, when I saw his video, I was like, “Finally, someone gets it!”. I’ve always felt like my cat Cookie wasn’t a coincidence, that she was meant to be in my life. After reading the comments on TikTok, it was nice to see I wasn’t the only one who thought that way. But now many are clowning on @hermes.the.cynic and using the hashtag #catdistributionsystem as a joke or a meme. By the way, here, click for info to get your chance to create memes.

I get that memes and trends happen, but it feels like people are missing the original message. Cats really do have a way of showing up when you need them most, whether it’s for a company or just to make you smile when you’re feeling down.

The cat distribution system is real, and here’s why.

cat distribution system

What is the cat distribution system?

The basic idea is that cats seem to find their way to the people who need them most. On the surface, it may seem like you just happen to find a kitten that needs a home and decide to adopt it. But some people believe there’s more to it than that. They think that the cat distribution system is the universe’s way of getting cats to the right people at the right time.

It’s kind of like when you’re feeling down and then suddenly notice a license plate with your lucky numbers or a song comes on the radio that lifts your spirits – little signs that seem too perfect to be a coincidence.

With cats, the thinking goes that when you’re lonely or stressed, somehow a cat will cross your path at just the moment you need some furry friends the most. And it’s not always that you rescue a cat – sometimes the cat rescues you, too, if it’s one that needs help. But either way, the cat was meant for you at that moment.

But why does this happen? Who knows for sure, but maybe your new cat will teach you patience if you tend to rush around. Or maybe it will keep you in great company if you’ve been feeling lonely. The reasons could be different for everyone. But one thing seems clear – cats don’t end up in our homes by accident.

And don’t forget, cats are highly intuitive creatures. So when a cat chooses you, it’s probably because it senses you need it, or it feels drawn to your energy in some way.

Cats don’t come into our lives by accident

Finding a cute little furball by your door can really make your day. Now, I know some folks might say animals just go where they know they’ll get food. But what about those kittens or cats that turn up all alone in the woods or fields, miles from any houses?

Sure, maybe someone dumped the kitten, or its mom got sick. But why’d it end up with you finding it? What are the chances you’d be in that exact spot at that exact time?

I think the universe wanted you two to meet for a reason. Maybe the kitten needs your help to learn it can trust people again. Or maybe helping it will help you realize something important too. So it’s about more than just giving it food and keeping it warm. There’s a lesson here if you’re open to receiving it.

They remind us to live in the moment

Kittens have a way of entering our lives just when we need them most. They fill our days with joy and wonder, helping us live in the moment instead of stressing about the future.

They teach us the meaning of patience and love, reminding us each day how precious life truly is. When sadness strikes, their antics and affection lift our spirits in an instant. Kittens have a gift for putting things in perspective again. Plus, who doesn’t love those fuzzy little faces? They show us the simple beauty in the world.

Ever notice how cats can sit for hours, unmoving, watching for the perfect moment to pounce? They demonstrate patience, focus, and determination like nobody’s business. And if dinner doesn’t go as planned, they don’t throw a fit – just try again later with that same calm demeanor.

Cats have so much to share if we open our eyes to the lessons. When you need guidance, wouldn’t you know it – a furry teacher might just appear on your doorstep, ready to provide the wisdom you seek.

They are natural healers (and ghost repellers)

Cats have some pretty amazing healing abilities! Not only can they help with physical health issues, but they’re great for mental well-being, too.

For one, cats are known for their purring. And purring isn’t just a cute sound – it actually has benefits. Studies show that a cat’s purr can help lower stress levels and improve blood flow. It even releases feel-good endorphins that leave you feeling relaxed. No wonder petting a cat is so soothing!

Cats also seem to have a sixth sense about our physical comfort. One of my cats just showed up at my door one day. She often lays on my feet, which I thought was weird. But then I realized, as someone with diabetes, my legs get really cold. It’s like she knows this and wants to keep them warm.

And it’s not just physical issues cats can help with. They’re amazing for mental health, too. Cats are so intuitive – they just know when we’re feeling down or anxious. Having a furry friend to cuddle can chase away loneliness or fear. Their companionship offers real comfort when we need it most.

Who knew cats were also ghostbusters?! Ancient Japanese sailors never set sail without a cat, believing they could ward off ghosts and bad vibes. So whether your cat is protecting you from spooky spirits or just making you feel better, they’ve got your back one way or another.

And what about you? Do you believe in the cat distribution system? Have you ever had one of those cats land in your lap and totally turn things around for you? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter!

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