Cats And Their Wonderful Magical Healing Properties

Cats are, without a doubt, one of the most adorable pets in the world. Stroking their fur or listening to them purring has an incredibly calming effect. However, did you know that this beautiful creature has several magical abilities and can heal other than just spinning and adjusting their shaggy fur so you can stroke them?

During thousands of years of living with humans, cats have been given several nicknames, from goddesses in animal form or witches’ companion to protective spirit with claws or a healer on velvet paws. All these nicknames have a valid reason.

cats healing properties

In ancient Egypt, cats were worshiped as deities in the figure of the Bastet, the goddess of beauty, fertility, motherhood and pleasures, and beautiful arts. Bastet is depicted in the paintings as a woman with a cat’s head. I must not forget to add that cats were highly revered in ancient Egypt, and some cats even wore precious jewelry.

If we move our finger on the map further to India, there was a cat incarnation of the goddess Sashti. Like Egyptian Bastet, she embodied happiness, motherhood, the protection of children, and the family.

In the 6th century AD, Buddhism, along with the cat, came to Japan. Japanese sailors took calico (tricolor) cats with them for good luck and to drive away all the evil and bad spirits from their ships. Perhaps that is why it is still believed that a three-colored cat brings happiness and good fortune to the house.

From these few facts alone, it is clear how much power cats have and how much respect they deserve. There are people who love them and people who don’t like them. Whatever group you belong to, here are some interesting facts about the magical properties of cats that you should know!

Cats clean energy

Cats are believed to level and transform the energy flow wherever their paws enter. They are said to take away negative energy from people, turn it into the positive one, and return it back to them.

Once a cat absorbs negative energy like a sponge, it needs to get it out of itself. It may happen that your cat does not come home for one or two days, or sleeps all day and does not even have an appetite. Your furry friend thus releases negative energy away. Just as a person burns calories with movement, a cat burns negative energy through sleep.

cats magic properties
Source: Pexels (@japheth)

Cats as intuitive healers

Most cats are natural healers. They intuitively sense where your painful or sick place is and lies down there. Some choose sick people, and others may walk more towards people who have a particular type of disease. They are perfect for diseases of the head (for example migraine), spine, or heart. Cats can effectively dissolve energy blocks, or absorb negative energy that has caused pain. If you suffer from cold feet and your cat often lies down to them, now you know why they do it. They’re doing their best to warm your feet up and thus improve the blood circulation.

Protection against negative energy

Like a dog that protects your house as a material object, a cat protects your house on a deeper level. Cats have the ability to see and feel these energies. Perhaps everyone who has a cat at home may have noticed that cats react a lot to stimuli that are invisible to the human eye and poke various pieces when they chase something that remains hidden from human view.

If your cat purrs often, it doesn’t just mean that she is happy or stressed. Through purring, cats often create an “energy barrier” through which no negative force passes, and usually, these vibrations coming from purring remove the negative energy or repels the negative effects.

cats healing properties
Source: Pexels (@wildlittlethingsphoto)

Excellent predictors

Cats can sense the mood or quarrel in a room, usually before it breaks out. And so it is with various disasters, such as volcanic explosions or earthquakes. There is no scientific evidence to support this. However, there are a number of claims made directly by people, such as the villagers living close to Mount Etna in Italy, which is an active stratovolcano. They have cats so that in the event of a volcanic eruption, they let them know in advance that something is wrong.

Final Words

These were some interesting facts about cats and their healing and magical properties. If you don’t have a cat, but you plan to have one sometime in the future, go for it. If you already have a cat, you may respect it more, and you will not be surprised why it often lies on your feet or looks for a long time somewhere where the human eye sees nothing. Cats are amazing creatures and deserve more respect and love.

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