No, Masturbation Is Not A Form of Witchcraft

Nedávno jsem se setkal s tvrzením, že masturbace je forma čarodějnictví. Ano, čtete správně. Někteří lidé si skutečně myslí, že trocha sólové zábavy se sebou samým je nějakým způsobem vyvolávání zlých duchů nebo sesílání kouzel. Jak jsme se sem dostali?

Původ mýtu spojujícího masturbaci a čarodějnictví

Did you hear about that old myth that masturbation is witchcraft? People have believed that for centuries, but where did it even come from? Like with a lot of weird beliefs, it’s hard to know for sure, but it seems to be partly because of religious rules long ago, partly from not understanding things, and partly from folks trying to scare each other.

Some say the first time anyone connected masturbating with witches was back in medieval times. Many Christian leaders believed masturbation was “unnatural” and let demons into your body. Then, during the Renaissance, some thought your sperm had a “life force” and wasting it drained your energy.

By the 1800s, when medicine was getting better, they wrongly thought masturbation would make you crazy or sick. Doctors and preachers spread rumors that it would cause epilepsy, memory loss, and being depraved. Some even claimed the devil could take over your body and soul from it.

Sure, we know now those ideas are total nonsense, but you still find remnants of it in some conservative circles. The real truth is – masturbation is normal human behavior and has nothing to do with magic or witches. Our bodies are made to feel good, and exploring that safely can be part of being healthy sexually.

Why This Claim Makes No Sense

Masturbation is a normal human activity. Pretty much everyone does it at some point, so it isn’t a big secret or a weird magic show. It’s just a natural urge and a safe way to figure out what you like.

Also, there isn’t anything supernatural about it. No ghosts, demons, or dark forces are involved – it’s just you, your imagination, and your body. Thinking it lets evil spirits into you is just a silly scare tactic to control how people act.

Most important of all, it isn’t hurting anybody. Unlike real witchcraft, it doesn’t have any victims or bad intentions. It’s a private thing that doesn’t affect anyone else. Saying it’s a sin or will make you go blind is just some old wives’ tale nonsense.

Now, while everyone can believe what they want, we have to stop spreading lies and making claims with no facts behind them. Taking care of yourself is normal, natural, and harmless – not some sinister forbidden ritual or anything. So, let’s put an end to this ridiculous myth for good. Our sexuality isn’t anything to feel ashamed or scared of.

The “O-Method”

The O-Method is something you may have heard about if you’re interested in spirituality or the law of attraction. This technique involves visualizing what you want to manifest in your life as you masturbate and reach orgasm.

Many believers think that during those brief moments of orgasm, your vibrations and energy are elevated in a way that makes you more capable of bringing your dreams and goals into reality. However, masturbating solely for the purpose of visualization probably shouldn’t be the only reason someone engages in that act.

Sex is meant to be enjoyed, whether alone or with a partner. Achieving orgasm just for your own benefit, without consideration for your partner’s pleasure, if applicable, could be seen as rather selfish. If used as the only outlet in the long-term, it may even develop into an unhealthy addiction or dependency.

Could this be the reason why some people believe masterbation is taboo or even witchcraft, given those potential downsides? Who knows!

Závěrečné shrnutí

So many people still have it in their heads that masturbation is something weird or unnatural, but that’s simply not true. It’s something almost every person does at some point, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong or unhealthy about it. And witchcraft? Definitely not the case. It’s a totally normal thing!

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