Tlačení na pilu Štírů: 5 způsobů, jak je naštvat

You’ve got a Scorpio friend who can be a little intense. Heck, intense is their middle name. But you love to poke fun and push their buttons now and then. It’s all in good fun, right? Just a couple of jokes between buddies.

But tread carefully when messing with the Scorpion. Those folks have a wicked temper when provoked. What seems like light teasing to you gets their blood boiling in no time. If you’re brave enough to toe the line and risk unleashing the Scorpion’s sting, here are five surefire ways to get under their skin and annoy the heck out of them.

Fair warning: enter at your own peril. But for the bold and fearless, read on to learn how to push a Scorpio’s buttons.

Scorpio’s Hate Dishonesty – Don’t Lie to Them

Scorpios value honesty above almost everything else. If you’re not straightforward with them, it’s game over. Even little white lies and half-truths light a fire under this sign. They’ll see right through you, so don’t even try it.

Be completely transparent, and don’t leave anything out if you want to gain a Scorpio’s trust. And never, ever break a promise – they have incredible memories and won’t forget. If you promise you’re going to do something, you better do it.

Scorpios tend to be quite intuitive as well. They often pick up on subtleties and read between the lines, so any deception or omission will be detected. Don’t insult their intelligence by thinking you can sneak a lie past them.

If you betray a Scorpio’s trust with dishonesty, they may cut you out of their life entirely. But earn their respect with complete candor, and they’ll return the favor with their unwavering loyalty.

Betray Their Trust – They Won’t Forget or Forgive

If you really want to push a Scorpio’s buttons, break their trust. Scorpios value integrity above all else. Once you lie to them or go behind their back, it’s game over. Here are some trust-breaking behaviors to avoid at all costs:

  • Cheating in a relationship. This is the ultimate betrayal for a Scorpio. Their jealousy and possessiveness means infidelity cuts extremely deep.
  • Revealing their secrets or sensitive information. Scorpios carefully guard their privacy. Spilling their secrets will provoke intense anger and resentment.
  • Making promises you don’t intend to keep. They have long memories and will remember broken vows forever.
  • Talking negatively behind their back. Gossiping or trash-talking a Scorpio is a surefire way to lose their trust for good.
  • Being dishonest about anything. Even white lies and withholding information can damage trust. Scorpios value complete openness.

Betraying a Scorpio destroys the relationship foundation. Without trust, they will cut ties and walk away. If you break their trust, don’t expect redemption – Scorpios rarely forgive.

Criticize or Embarrass Them Publicly – They’ll Seek Revenge

Scorpios have very intense emotions, so you have to be gentle with them. If you come at them way too harsh with criticism, especially in front of others, they’ll probably want revenge real bad. Scorpios don’t forget when someone does them wrong – they’ll hold a grudge for a long time.

Making fun of a Scorpio or pointing out their flaws is just asking for trouble. They might wait weeks or even months before getting you back when you least expect it.

Also, don’t put them down about how they look, what they’re smart about, their talents – anything they’re proud of really. Saying “just kidding!” won’t cut it, either.

And watch out if a Scorpio feels embarrassed in a group. They could totally try to mess with your social life, too, as payback. Public humiliation is a no-go with these folks.

Basically, be super careful criticizing or making jokes at a Scorpio’s expense. Wounding their pride might make them sting way worse than you bargained for.

Act Detached And Cold

Scorpios are intensely passionate and sensual people. If you act detached and frigid around them, it will really push their buttons.

Going cold on a Scorpio and keeping things superficial probably isn’t the best idea. They really value emotional and intellectual openness between people. Withholding that kind of sharing might end up pushing them away.

Also, I wouldn’t avoid physical contact or ignore them if they try to connect visually. Scorpios seem to find a lot of meaning in how people interact physically and through eye contact. Cutting that off could come across as rejecting them.

It’s probably best to just be yourself with a Scorpio and let the relationship develop naturally. Forcing distance or denying them closeness may frustrate them since the connection is so important.

Control or Push Them

The quickest way to piss a Scorpio off is to try and control them or pressure them into doing something. They really value their independence and hate being told what to do. If you insist that a Scorpio do something your way, they’ll probably dig their heels in and do the opposite just to show that they can make their own choices.

Scorpios want to decide things for themselves and on their own terms. Any attempt at coercion or manipulation will be met with resistance. Trying to restrict a Scorpio’s freedom or force your will on them often backfires, too.

They may go along with it outwardly but will resent you for it internally. Even well-meaning advice can feel insulting to their intelligence if it comes across as overbearing.

Taking a “my way or the highway” approach with a Scorpio is just a waste of time. They respond better when treated as an equal and given space to think over options for themselves.

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