Dream About Dog Poop – Meaning & Symbolism of The Dream

Dogs are man’s best friends. Who doesn’t love dogs? They are playful, friendly, and lovable. Dogs make great companions, but they also leave an occasional mess in their wake. Even though dog poop can be unpleasant to see, it is a natural part of having a dog as a pet. It’s not the sight of dog feces that should concern you but what it represents on a deeper level.

If you are concerned about the symbolism of seeing dog poop in your dream, read on to discover what it could mean and what you need to become aware of in your waking life.

dream about dog poop

So, what does it mean to dream about dog poop? A dream about dog poop can mean different things to different people, therefore, it is always important to keep in mind what is currently happening in your waking life and what specifically this dream could be about.

It can be a sign of needing to release something toxic in your life, or it can represent fear of losing something or someone that is dear to you. Dog poop can be a sign that you are being too possessive and protective of someone or something. Perhaps you are being too bossy and aren’t letting others step up and take control. If you aren’t careful, you could end up alone and abandoned. In this case, the dog poop can symbolize your own overbearing nature.

Alternatively, dog poop could be a sign that you feel that you are feeling like you are not good enough for a person or situation. This feeling of unworthiness could be holding you back from a great opportunity. This dream is encouraging you to learn how to be confident in yourself and your abilities, and understand that nobody is perfect, so there’s no reason to feel inferior to anyone.

Other interpretations of a dream about dog poop

  • If the dog poop is in an elevator, it may mean that your self-doubt is causing you to limit yourself in your career growth or promotions. The dog poop may be symbolically telling you to “lighten up” on yourself!
  • A dream about stepping in dog poop represents feelings of guilt, anxiety, or shame. It could also mean that you are unaware of the condition of your own life, and you are being careless about it. You are going through a period of time where it is necessary to reevaluate your beliefs and principles and reconsider your priorities in life. You may feel as though you’re fine where you are, but all indications suggest that you may be heading in the wrong direction.
  • A dream about dog poop everywhere symbolises that you are living an unhealthy life, which you need to change. The dog poop represents the worst aspects of your life, like addictions, bad health or negative emotions. In any case, this is something that requires immediate change.
  • A dream about dog poop on the floor may mean you’re second-guessing yourself or your decisions. If the dog poop is on a rug or another type of flooring, this could mean that you think your situation would be a lot messier or more difficult than it really is. It could also mean that you’re embarrassed by something you did or said and think everyone would view it negatively.

Bottom line

If you see dog poop in your dream, it could be a reflection of something you’re repressing within yourself, something that requires immediate change, or something you are ashamed of or regret. Your dream may be trying to help you confront those fears and anxieties, or reflects your current state of mind.

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