Fighting For Justice: Why Veterans Need Dedicated Gulf War PTSD Lawyers On Their Side

Often, the effects of PTSD can lead to a rating decision where the Veteran is granted TDIU (Traveler Dependent Individual Unemployability). Whether or not this Veteran can continue working will depend on how severe their symptoms are.

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PTSD is a Mental Health Disorder

Many people feel PTSD-like symptoms after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event. It is important to seek prompt treatment to prevent these normal stress reactions from worsening and becoming a mental health disorder.

Symptoms of PTSD include re-living the traumatic event through unwanted or recurring memories, vivid nightmares and physical sensations (like sweating, heart palpitations, nausea, or feeling on edge). It can also lead to avoidance of thoughts, feelings, people, places, activities, and situations that remind you of the trauma and negative changes in your sense of self.

While it is true that some veterans may suffer from malingering, it is important to note that PTSD examinations are very carefully regulated. The VA has strict rules for administering compensation and pension examinations. This includes having a psychiatrist or psychologist conduct the exam and using standardized tests to check for PTSD. Additionally, if you have PTSD, it is very helpful to talk about your experiences and share them with others who have experienced similar situations.

PTSD is a Disability

The symptoms of PTSD can have a devastating impact on a Veteran’s life. From flashbacks to an inability to sleep or even the fear of loud noises, these symptoms can severely limit an individual’s ability to work and function at home.

A successful claim requires extensive documentation that meets SSA requirements. This includes a psychiatrist or psychologist’s diagnosis and records of your treatment. Having all of this information and documentation before filing will save you from having to follow up after the initial submission. It also helps your claim be approved sooner rather than later. Additionally, having a disability attorney to help with your case will increase the likelihood of success. Having Gulf War PTSD lawyers who have experience in PTSD claims will be especially beneficial.

Luckily, some recognize PTSD as a disability and will compensate Veterans who suffer from this disorder for their medical expenses. However, it has very strict criteria when evaluating disabilities and proving PTSD is no easy task.

PTSD is a Disabling Condition

Many people believe that only physically debilitating conditions are considered disabilities. Still, several veterans have disabling mental illnesses caused by their time in the military. Whether due to combat injuries or other experiences, these “invisible” injuries can be just as debilitating as the loss of a limb or major scarring.

For PTSD to be considered a disabling condition by the Social Security Administration (SSA), it must significantly limit an individual’s ability to perform their job or daily activities. The SSA looks at symptoms such as involuntary flashbacks, nightmares, mood changes, difficulty sleeping, and being easily startled.

It is important to note that PTSD often accompanies other mental impairments like depression or anxiety, so it is essential to have regular treatment from a doctor or therapist to support your claim and provide documentation of your disabling symptoms. This is an important step in proving that your PTSD is a disability that warrants a monthly stipend through Social Security disability benefits.

PTSD is a Requirement

A Veteran who has PTSD must be able to prove that their symptoms are connected to the traumatic event they experienced while serving in the military. This is a very complex task requiring many medical records and documentation. Symptoms of PTSD include flashbacks, nightmares, a lack of sleep or trouble sleeping, avoidance of people and places that remind you of the traumatic event, mood swings and being easily startled.

As a result, judges are very skeptical of PTSD claims and need to see strong evidence that connects the condition to your service. Having an experienced VA PTSD lawyer on your side will ensure that you have enough documentation to strengthen your claim.

PTSD can seriously affect a Veteran’s quality of life and make it hard to adapt to civilian life after military service. This is why it’s important to contact a skilled VA PTSD lawyer as soon as you believe you have PTSD or know that you may have it.

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