Gemini Man’s Favorite Body Type On A Woman Revealed

Gemini men are adventurous and fascinating. You might think you need an amazing bod to catch his eye. But it isn’t all about looks. See, Gemini is an air sign – about the mind – and your brain matters more than your body. Without wasting more time, let me tell you what really gets his attention.

What Gemini Men Find Attractive

Geminis are total thrill-seekers who are always looking for their next adventure. They love trying new things and being on the go. When it comes to relationships, Gemini men want a partner who will join them in their adventures. Someone who is just as excited to go exploring as they are.

Geminis have a preference for fit and athletic types. But really, what matters most is what’s up in your head. Even if you’re not the most active, if you’ve got a sharp mind that can keep up with theirs, that’s what will really catch their interest. Of course, you’ll need at least some energy to go hiking or whitewater rafting with them!

Gemini men seem most drawn to women with a zest for life. Someone else who loves trying new experiences and has a quick wit. As long as you can engage them mentally while also giving them space, you might have what it takes to win over a Gemini guy. Muscles or not, as long as you’re lively and interesting, that’s what will attract them.

Gemini Men Like Shoulders, Arms, And Hands

On a woman, Geminis like nice shoulders, arms, and hands. They like it when a woman has visible collarbones and shoulders with a nice shape. Slender hands and fingers also catch their eye. And you know what really gets their attention? When a woman is super animated telling a story – just waving her hands all around. Or if she can capture their gaze from clear across the room with a simple look. Body language is big for Geminis it seems.

But why do Geminis focus so much on arms? Well, their whole sign is all about the arms, lungs, and nervous system. Those are the parts that really interest and attract them.

Delicate Shoulders

Gemini men appreciate shoulders that look feminine yet toned, with smooth skin and a graceful slope. Bare shoulders in a strapless dress or tank top will catch their eye. Gemini men love touching a woman’s shoulders, so keep yours moisturized and touchable.

Expressive Hands

Gemini rules the hands, so he pays close attention to a woman’s hands and how she uses them. Long, slender fingers that gesture animatedly while speaking signal an quick, intellectual mind that intrigues him. Well-manicured nails in a bright color are eye-catching. Play with your hands in an animated, carefree way to captivate his interest.

Toned Arms

While Gemini men appreciate delicate features, they also like seeing a woman who takes good care of herself. Toned, shapely arms signal youth, vitality and vigor. Show off your arms in a sleeveless top or dress and do exercises like yoga to keep them strong and supple. Flexibility and physical agility are qualities that Gemini finds appealing in a partner.

They’re Sapiosexuals

As an Air sign, Geminis are sapiosexuals – they are attracted to intelligence and wit. While physical attraction is important, a sharp and curious mind is essential for capturing a Gemini man’s interest. He craves intellectual stimulation and engaging conversation.

If you can match his quick wit and keep up with his restless mind, you’ll have no trouble attracting a Gemini man. Discuss the latest technology innovations, debate politics or philosophy, or chat about the intricacies of cryptocurrency – the topic doesn’t matter as much as your ability to banter back and forth. A Gemini man wants someone who can meet him on an intellectual level.

For the sapiosexual Gemini, an attractive body is a bonus, but a keen mind is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Feed his curiosity and fan the flames of his imagination, and this lively, playful sign will be passionately devoted to you. The way to a Gemini man’s heart is through his head – keep him mentally engaged, and he’s all yours.

Our Advice

If you’re looking to attract a Gemini guy, pay attention to how you use your hands, arms, and shoulders when you’re talking to him. But most importantly, be funny and interesting to talk to. Have lots of energy in your conversations. If you can wow him with how smart you are and how you talk, you’ll capture his interest without even worrying about your exact figure.

Again, Geminis are all about the mind, so as long as you keep things light and fun when you’re together – as long as he feels excited talking to you – your actual body type won’t matter much to him.

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