How I Finally Blocked My Twin Flame And Moved On

i blocked my twin flame and move on

After what felt like a lifetime of chasing and longing, I finally had enough. The emotional rollercoaster of my twin flame connection left me exhausted and empty. I knew for my own sanity I had to get off that ride. Blocking my twin flame was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but today, I’m here to tell you it was absolutely worth it.

For those of you still stuck in that endless push and pull, I want to share how I found the strength and courage to choose myself. How blocking my twin flame led to me reclaiming my power and opened the door for new love to enter my life. You don’t have to keep suffering in the name of “true love”. There is peace and happiness waiting for you on the other side of letting go.

My story isn’t meant to vilify my twin flame or the connection we shared. They still mean a lot to me. But this is about remembering that you are worthy of so much more than breadcrumbs of affection and half-hearted commitment. You deserve to be happy. And as I learned, sometimes you have to block your twin flame to find that happiness within yourself.

Why I Decided To Block My Twin Flame And Move On

After years of a turbulent on-again, off-again relationship with my twin flame, I finally decided enough was enough. I blocked them on all platforms and turned my focus inward to heal.

It was a difficult decision, but our connection had become toxic and codependent. The push-pull dynamic left me in a constant state of anxiety and self-doubt. I realized the healthiest choice was to establish boundaries and shift my energy back to self-care.

Cutting off contact with my mirror soul allowed me space to process the trauma of our relationship. I started therapy and joined support groups to work through the grief. Slowly but surely, I began to rediscover my own worth and value outside of our twin flame connection.

While I still feel twinges of sadness at times, choosing to block my twin flame was absolutely the right choice for my well-being. Our relationship was preventing me from growing into my own power. By releasing the attachment and redirecting my focus inward, I was finally able to start healing deep wounds and embracing self-love.

My advice to anyone in a similar unhealthy twin flame dynamic or experiencing vanishing twin syndrome is: put yourself first. As painful as it may be, blocking them is often the only way to break the cycle and reclaim your power. Your twin flame is a mirror for your own evolution. Do the work, heal yourself, and your twin will have no choice but to transform as well. But that transformation starts with you. Love yourself enough to let go, and the rest will follow.

How Blocking My Twin Flame Brought Me Inner Peace

When I finally decided to block my twin flame, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But it also brought me the inner peace I had been longing for.

How Blocking Set Me Free

Blocking my twin flame’s number and social media profiles was difficult, but it allowed me to break the energetic cords that kept us connected. I was caught in a loop of obsessively checking if he viewed my stories or liked my posts. When I cut that tie, I could finally breathe again.

Within a week of blocking him, I felt lighter. I noticed little things again, like the sunrise, without relating them to him. I laughed more freely and deeply. I started nurturing neglected friendships. My productivity skyrocketed at work.

Most importantly, I reconnected with myself. I pursued new hobbies, traveled, and made self-care a priority. Instead of waiting for his texts, I filled my time with activities that lit me up inside. Slowly but surely, thoughts of him came less frequently. The painful longing I carried for so long began to fade.

Finding Closure In My Own Way

Though we never had a proper goodbye, blocking my twin flame gave me the closure I needed. I realized that pining for someone who cannot commit to me is a waste of my precious energy and time. I deserved so much more.

Releasing him allowed me to open my heart to new relationships that nourish me fully. Letting go of my twin flame was the greatest gift I could give myself. No regrets now except that I didn’t do it sooner – I wasted a lot of time hanging on to something that wasn’t working.

Tips For Coping After Blocking Your Twin Flame

After blocking my twin flame, the pain was almost unbearable. Here are a few tips that helped me find peace:

Focus On Self-Care

It was vital for me to practice self-care. I made sure to maintain a routine, eat healthy meals, limit alcohol and get enough sleep. Doing light exercise like walking or yoga helped release endorphins and boosted my mood. Spending time with supportive friends and family gave me comfort during this difficult time.

Reflect On The Relationship

I took time to reflect on the relationship and understand why it didn’t work out. This helped me gain perspective and find closure. I realized that while the connection was intense, we actually weren’t compatible in many important ways. Recognizing this allowed me to start releasing resentment and forgive both myself and my twin flame.

Look Toward The Future

The more I focused on the present and future, the less pain I felt. I pursued new hobbies and interests, traveled to new places and made an effort to meet new people. Slowly but surely, thoughts of my twin flame were replaced by all the exciting possibilities life still held. I realized that this ending only meant a new beginning was on the horizon.

Letting go of my twin flame was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But by taking care of myself, gaining closure through reflection and focusing on the present and future, I was eventually able to find peace. The deep sorrow transformed into gratitude for the lessons learned and joy for the new adventures to come.

Final Words

While the twin flame connection will always be a part of my journey, I now understand that I don’t need another person to complete me. I am enough, just as I am. I have everything I need inside of me. This realization has set me free. My life is my own again. I’m excited for this new chapter focused on self-love and following my passions. The future is unwritten, and I’m holding the pen.

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