How To Get Better Sleep Without Sleeping Extra Hours – Sleep Less, Feel Better!

People often think that the key to a good night’s sleep is quantity instead of quality. While there is a grain of truth in that, and an adult person needs 6 to 9 hours of sleep per night, there’s no secret that you will feel refreshed after a quality 6-hour sleep that a poor 9-hour sleep.

Low-quality sleep can cause a variety of problems, such as the risk of heart attack, stroke, and chronic disease. Furthermore, it also can increase the risk of accidents, lack of productivity, poor performance, and feeling irritable or fatigued.

In this article, we’re offering several tips on how to get better and more quality sleep in less time.

Sleep Environment

Ideally, your sleep environment should be dark, quiet, and cool. Several studies have shown that exposure to light in the early evening can delay the onset of sleepiness and reduce total sleep time. So make sure you avoid bright light in the hours before bedtime and consider using blackout curtains or an eye mask to block out any light sources.

Similarly, noise can interfere with our ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. If possible, try to find a place to sleep that is as noise-free as possible. And if you can’t get away from noise pollution during the night, consider using earplugs or a white noise machine to drown out the sound.

Also, it’s important to keep your bedroom cool (around 68-74 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 to 23 Celsius) as it will give you the chance to get your body ready for sleep by changing your body’s internal temperature to match the environment.

Position Of Your Bed

The position of the bed can have a significant impact on the quality of sleep. According to feng shui, the ancient Chinese traditional practice, the best position for the bed is in the center of the room as it is supposed to be the center of the house. However, it should not face the door.

If it is not possible to place the bed in the center of the room, north, southeast, east, or west is fine too. The northeast or south should be avoided as it can cause restless sleep or even nightmares.

It is also very important not to have mirrors or other shiny surfaces near the bed, as they may reflect vital energy in the room.

Stick With Your Bedtime Routine

When you get into a pattern, it’s hard to break. Being consistent with your schedule and sticking to your routine will not only help your quality of sleep but will also help you feel less stressed and more confident. To stick with your bedtime routine, make sure to establish a routine that is going to help you get quality sleep. The key is to make sure that you are doing the same thing every night and to keep it consistent. Set a time to go to bed and wake up that is consistent.

If you are having a hard time falling asleep, try to establish a routine that will help you get there. For example, exercise, meditation, or a bath might help you relax enough to sleep.

Invest In A Quality Mattress And Pillow

The quality of your mattress and pillow can have a significant impact on the quality of your sleep. Poor-quality mattresses or pillows can cause discomfort, which in turn leads to poor sleep quality. It is important to invest in high-quality mattresses and pillows so that you get the best possible sleep experience as well as better health outcomes in the long term.

Your mattress should be supportive enough so that your spine stays aligned while you sleep and the pillow should support your head and neck. Personally, I prefer pillows made from natural materials such as cotton or wool because these materials do not irritate or inflame the skin. Investing in a memory foam pillow can also be a good option as it molds and adapts to the shape of your head and neck, providing superior support and comfort. Plus, they are hypoallergenic and durable!

Avoid This Before Sleep

There are a few things you should avoid before bedtime if you want to get quality sleep. Watching television, working on the computer, and eating heavy foods are all activities that can keep you up at night. Also, caffeinated drinks, alcohol, or spicy foods are all known to disrupt our sleep patterns.

You don’t have to drink herbal teas that you resent every day before bed or eat leafy vegetables that you have never liked. But you need to make various, albeit small, changes that will improve the quality of your sleep, such as drinking decaffeinated coffee, eating lighter meals, or listening to your favorite podcast.

Take Time To Relax Before Bedtime

When we are stressed, our bodies produce cortisol, a hormone that responds to stress, and when we have an abundance of cortisol in our system, it can lead to making us feel more fatigued, anxious, and irritable. However, cortisol also decreases our ability to sleep because it prevents our body from descending into a deep sleep.

To help your body recover from stress and increase your quality of sleep, you should take time to relax before bedtime. It will help you sleep better and enjoy your day more because your mind and body will be rested.

Some people relax with a book in their hand or listening to their favorite music, while others prefer to spend time with their pet or over a cup of good tea. Whatever your definition of relaxation, remember that it is important to take time for relaxation before bedtime.

Bottom Line

Getting quality sleep without sleeping extra hours can seem like an impossible feat, but it is possible with the suggestions we provided. Keep the tips in mind to ensure you are getting the quality sleep you need to be your best self..because it is not about how much sleep you get, but about the quality of your sleep!

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