Is The Land-Based Slot Machine Experience The Same As Online?

Slots have become very popular over time. They’re the easiest choice to pick as they have straightforward rules. On top of that, there are many types and themes of slots. You can find them in brick-and-mortar or online casinos.

Unlike table games, whether you find them online or in a real casino, slots are computerized games that are played over the screen. 

Can you get the same experience in a brick-and-mortar establishment as in an online casino? Do they have the same feel and features? 

The Differences:

Unlike slot machines, online slots can be played anywhere and anytime. Also, you have to buy coins in the casino and put them in the slot machine to start spinning the reels when playing in a land-based establishment. With online casinos, you load your casino account and bet anytime you feel like it.

The Atmosphere

Although gaming companies try with the graphics, background music, and sounds in online slots, the atmosphere is not the same as in a real casino. There’s a vibrant atmosphere when you pull that lever in a slot machine.

People visit casinos to enjoy themselves, involving more than games. There’s music, food, drinks, and conversations. If it’s your lucky day to win a jackpot, then you’ll even gain fans who cheer and rejoice with you.


Online casinos are more convenient than land-based ones. Playing slots online means logging into an online operator, choosing a game, and playing. You can grab your phone anytime, anywhere, to do this. 

On the other hand, with land-based slots, you have to wait for a casino to open. There’s also traveling to the pub, restaurant, and casino establishment the games are at. If it’s a small place, you don’t have many slots to choose from.

You’ll sometimes have to wait for an empty space when it’s busy.

Game Variety

Online slot providers are releasing games almost every day. Hence you’ll find thousands of slots in an online casino. This means you’ll find various types of games, themes, and background stories. 

We can’t say the same about their land-based counterparts. There are limited slots, especially in local pubs and restaurants. It’s better in casinos, especially bigger ones that target locals and tourists.

Online slots are more advanced, with more reels and many paylines. 

Demo Play

If you want to check out a new slot, then it’s easy to find its demo version in an online casino, a provider’s site, or game review sites. This way, you get to test it and play for free before deciding whether it’s worth playing for real money.

Land-based casinos don’t offer free gameplay. You have to put in coins to start spinning the reel.

The Return to Player and Payouts

These are the elements that are similar in both kinds of gaming establishments. Most land-based or online slots have RTPs ranging between 90% to 99%. 

The same goes with payouts; on either platform, they’re randomly triggered using a random number generator (RNG). You don’t win because you’ve placed a bigger bet or lost several rounds before. It’s entirely random. 

Which Experience Do You Prefer: Online or Real Casino?

Experiencing slots online has proven to be more convenient for players around the globe than visiting a casino. You can access them anywhere with an internet connection when carrying your computer or mobile device. There are many games to choose from, and you can do it at a time of your choice. You can even play for free.

However, this is different from leaving the house for a different atmosphere. Playing in land-based establishments gives you a social experience. It adds to the fun of spinning the reels because you get to socialize with people. 

You enjoy the music, mingling, food, and drinks. So, it’s really up to your preferences: the social and more physical or the quiet online experience.

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