Past Life Lovers: 10 Signs You Were Together Back Then

You meet someone for the first time, but it feels like you already know them somehow. Like you have some kind of deep connection even though you just met. Has this ever happened to you?

We’ve all lived many lives before this one, and the relationships we form often transcend time. If you’ve found someone recently who you have an inexplicable bond with, you may have been together in a past life. Here are a few signs that you were past life lovers, reunited at last.

An Instant Connection And Deep Understanding

You just click with this person in a way you can’t quite explain. Conversations flow easily, and you feel completely understood. It’s so weird because you just met this person, but it feels like you’ve known them your whole life. There’s just this connection between you, this bond, and you can really understand each other on a deep level.

It makes you think maybe you knew each other in another life or something. Like your souls are old friends even if your bodies have never met before now. I don’t know how to explain it fully, but you just feel deep down that there’s something special about your relationship that goes beyond this one lifetime.

Your Relationship Feels Fated or Destined

When you first met, it was an instant, powerful connection that neither of you could explain. Like old friends reunited after years apart, even though it was the very first time you were meeting in this lifetime. And the bond and trust between you formed so quickly and deeply. That sense of familiarity is really something special.

It’s like your souls instantly recognized one another after what could have been lifetimes spent apart. To find that person who feels like the missing piece of your heart and soul. No wonder the relationship feels so meant to be.

Shared Dreams or Visions of A Past Life Together

Have you and your partner ever found yourselves recounting the exact same dream upon waking, filled with vivid scenes of a time and place you both recognized but couldn’t possibly have experienced in this lifetime? Or what about those moments of deep meditation together, when you slip into a shared vision of another era, feeling a strong sense of familiarity with your surroundings and with each other despite having no logical way of knowing those places and people?

Experiences like that can surely make you wonder if your souls have walked this earth side by side before, sharing lives that left an imprint powerful enough to echo through the ages. Maybe those glimpses are your higher selves gently nudging you with memories of the profound connection you once had, a bond so strong that it endured lifetime after lifetime. A way of reminding you that the love you feel transcends time itself.

You Feel Like You Can’t Live Without Them

It’s like from the very first moment you laid eyes on each other, something deep within your soul recognized something deep within theirs. If you were together in a past life, there’s a sense of familiarity and comfort despite having just met. This feeling is quite hard to describe. It’S an invisible bond forms that runs deeper than anything superficial.

Being apart from them, even for a short time, leaves you feeling unsettled. An ache grows in your heart the further away they are. You just want to be near them always, soaking in their essence. Their energy mingles with yours in a way that feels ancient yet new all at once.

You Experience Déjà Vu When Together

When we’re reborn, our souls can hold onto memories from significant relationships in previous lifetimes. Especially people we shared really strong bonds with, like lovers. So what if running into someone who was your partner hundreds of years ago can spark those soul memories? It would explain that feeling of déjà vu, why you feel so comfortable with them right away.

I don’t have any proof of reincarnation or past lives, but it is really weird how that sense of familiarity only happens with some people. And it always feels so real. Like I’m only just remembering them, not truly meeting for the first time. Maybe our souls do form deep connections with certain people lifetime after lifetime. Being near them again allows those memories to surface, so it feels like we already know each other even though, logically, we’ve never met before in this life.

Matching Birthmarks or Scars

If you and your lover share a peculiar birthmark or scar in the same unusual location, this could signify that you were star-crossed soulmates in a past existence that met a tragic end.

When souls reincarnate together, they often bear the marks of how they lost each other in a previous life as a reminder of their eternal bond. If you discover a strange matching blemish, it may be destiny’s way of helping you recognize your twin flame.

You Feel A Sense of Home

You can be yourself without fear of judgment because it seems like this person just gets you. All the little quirks and weird things about you that might make others run for the hills – this person finds them endearing. You feel relaxed and at peace in their presence. Tension and nerves just melt away.

When you meet your past life lover, it’s a bit like coming home after being away for a long time. As soon as you walk through the door, you can finally breathe again because you’re safe within these familiar walls. That’s what being with this person is like – safe, secure, supported. Like you’ve found a port in the storm, an anchor when the seas get rough.

Similar Personality Traits

Sharing key personality traits with someone could definitely be a sign that you had a connection in a past life. If you and your partner sure seem to have a lot in common, this is a surefire sign.

Perhaps you have the same sense of humor, or both of you are very giving and generous. And maybe you have all the same views on what’s really important in life. Family, faith, community – you’re totally on the same page.

You Share Memories

Our souls connect across lifetimes with certain people, and you may get glimpses of these connections through shared memories. You might both recall details of a place you’ve never been or even speak a language you don’t currently know. Pay attention if you frequently experience déjà vu around this person or feel an uncanny sense of familiarity, as though you’ve known them for far longer than this lifetime.

Similar Interests And Hobbies

It’s likely you two shared hobbies and interests back then as well. Do you find yourself drawn to the same types of books, movies, music or outdoor activities? A shared love of travel, cooking or gaming could be clues that your souls connected over these common interests many lifetimes ago. Having a natural rapport and ease around the topics you both care about is a sign your connection transcends just this current life.

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