50 Sad Words That Start With A (With Meanings)

We all go through moments of sadness in our lives. It’s a feeling that’s common to everyone, regardless of their age, gender, or who they are. Whether it’s a heartbreak, a loss of a loved one, or a personal setback, we all have our own reasons to feel sad. Sometimes, expressing our emotions can be therapeutic and help us process our feelings.

When it comes to sad words, the letter A seems to have an abundance of them. From abandonment to agony, the words that start with A can evoke feelings of despair and heartache.

sad words that start with a

Some of the common sad words that start with A include abandoned, agony, ache, ashamed, anguish, alienated, alone, and awful. Here are all the words.

Sad A Words

Abandoned – Left alone or deserted, feeling unwanted or unloved.

Agony – Extreme physical or mental suffering.

Alone – Being by oneself, feeling isolated and lonely.

Anguish – Severe mental or emotional pain.

Ashamed – Feeling guilty, embarrassed, or humiliated.

Ache – Continuous dull pain, both physical and emotional.

Adrift – Without purpose or direction, feeling lost.

Awful – Extremely bad or unpleasant, causing distress.

Anxiety – Intense worry or fear, feeling unsettled or uneasy.

Apprehensive – Anxious or fearful about something bad happening.

Abused – Subjected to cruelty or mistreatment, feeling victimized.

Absent – Not present, feeling a sense of loss or emptiness.

Ailing – Ill or unwell, experiencing physical or emotional distress.

Alienated – A sense of loneliness or disconnection from others.

Apathetic – Lack of interest or concern, feeling indifferent.

Avoided – Deliberately kept away from or ignored, feeling rejected.

Anguished – Experiencing severe mental or emotional pain.

Aggravated – Feeling annoyed or irritated, exacerbated distress.

Apologetic – Expressing regret or remorse, feeling sorry.

Adverse – Harmful or unfavorable, causing difficulty or distress.

Afraid – Feeling fearful or scared, experiencing anxiety.

Arduous – Difficult or demanding, causing hardship or suffering.

Abject – Extremely miserable or wretched, feeling hopeless.

Abhorrent – Hateful or repulsive, causing disgust or revulsion.

Affliction – A condition of suffering or distress, feeling burdened.

Absurd – Ridiculous or senseless, causing feelings of hopelessness.

Allergic – Reacting negatively or strongly, feeling discomfort.

Alienation – Feeling of being cut off or separated from others.

Ashen – Pale or gray in appearance, suggesting sadness or grief.

Amputated – Physically or emotionally severed, feeling incomplete or loss.

Agonized – Experiencing intense mental or physical pain.

Alienate – To induce a sense of solitude or detachment in an individual.

Aimless – Lacking purpose or direction, feeling lost and without a goal.

Abysmal – Extremely bad or severe, causing deep sadness or despair.

Anhedonia – Inability to feel pleasure or joy, a symptom of depression.

Attack – A physical assault or aggressive action against someone or something.

Abyss – A deep, immeasurable void or emptiness, a symbol of sadness.

Anticipatory – Relating to the expectation of something bad happening, causing distress.

Anguished – Deeply tormented or distressed, experiencing intense suffering.

Apprehension – Fearful anticipation or anxiety about future events.

Ashen-faced – Pale or pallid complexion, often associated with grief or shock.

Alarmed – Feeling sudden fear, shock, or concern about a potential threat or danger.

Afflicted – Suffering from pain, illness, or hardship, experiencing distress.

Ashen-hearted – Having a heavy, sorrowful heart, filled with sadness.

Amalgamation – The act of merging or combining, often resulting in loss or displacement.

Anchorless – Feeling adrift or without stability, lacking a sense of grounding.

Alienation – The state of feeling estranged, disconnected, or isolated from others.

Autopsy – The examination of a deceased body, often associated with grief and loss.

Ashes – The residue left after something has been destroyed or lost, representing sorrow or mourning.

Assault – Similar to attack, assault is an act of aggression.

sad a words
sad a words

Sad Adjectives That Start With A To Describe Someone

If you’re looking for words to describe someone who is feeling down, in pain, helpless, or emotionless, here are some of my favorites:

  • Agonized – Experiencing intense mental or physical pain, tormented.
  • Anguished – Deeply tormented or distressed, experiencing intense suffering.
  • Ashen – Pale or gray in complexion, often associated with sadness or grief.
  • Apathetic – Showing a lack of interest, concern, or emotion, indifferent and detached.
  • Abandoned – Left alone or deserted, feeling neglected or forsaken.
  • Alienated – Feeling isolated, estranged, or disconnected from others.
  • Aimless – Lacking purpose or direction, feeling lost and without a sense of purpose.
  • Alone – Being by oneself, feeling isolated and lonely.
  • Anxious – Feeling worried, uneasy, or apprehensive about something.
  • Ashamed – Feeling guilt, embarrassment, or self-disgust.
  • Awkward – Uncomfortable and socially inept, feeling out of place or embarrassed.
  • Abused – Mistreated, physically or emotionally harmed, feeling victimized.
  • Adrift – Without purpose or direction, feeling lost and disconnected.
  • Aggravated – Feeling annoyed, irritated, or provoked, exacerbating distress.
  • Ailing – In poor health or suffering from physical or emotional distress.

How About Positive Words?

Would you like to brighten someone’s day and boost their confidence? There’s nothing like the power of positive words. Let’s simplify your day by presenting a compilation of inspiring words that commence with the letter A. Take a look at the list below:

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