16 Spiritual Signs That You Are Getting Married Soon

You know marriage is on the horizon, but how can you be sure your spirit guides are sending you signals? When the universe wants to nudge you toward your soulmate, it uses subtle signs and synchronicities.

Your intuition will also strengthen when you’re close to meeting your life partner. Notice those “aha moments” and inner knowings. The more you tune in, the clearer the messages become. Just don’t jump to conclusions, though. First, take a look at some of the usual signs people experience spiritually when it’s getting to be that time.

Recurring Dreams About Your Wedding Day

If you’re dreaming of walking down the aisle or saying “I do” on repeat, your subconscious may be trying to tell you marriage is around the corner! Recurrent dreams often signify life events your intuition has picked up on before your conscious mind.

You See The Numbers 12:12 And 22:22 A Lot

In numerology, the number 12 represents growth and progress, while 22 is considered a master number representing building powerful partnerships and relationships.

Seeing these repeating number patterns, especially when you just happen to glance at the clock, is a way for spirit guides and the universe to communicate with you. They are gently affirming that you are entering a new phase of partnership and commitment. Pay attention to the thoughts you were having or events that were unfolding around the time you noticed these number sequences.

Seeing the angel number 1212 and 22:22 frequently popping up is a spiritual sign you are headed down the aisle. While the timing may still be unknown, you can rest assured marriage is likely in your destiny.

You See Hearts Everywhere You Look

heart shaped clouds

You start noticing heart shapes popping up randomly in your everyday life. A knot in the wood grain, two clouds in the sky, a crack in the sidewalk, a cluster of leaves. Your mind is awakening you to the possibilities of love – it’s a sign marriage could be around the corner!

You Feel Optimistic And Hopeful

When you find yourself feeling lighter and brighter, it could be a sign that wedding bells will be ringing for you soon. Staying hopeful and keeping an open heart attracts like energy. Your positive vibration and belief in true love may very well lead your soulmate right to you. So dream big, imagine the best, and get ready to welcome that special someone into your world.

You See A Lot of Married Couples Around You

Are weddings suddenly popping up all over your social media feeds and friend circles? Seeing friends, family members, and acquaintances getting married or celebrating anniversaries is a sign that marriage is in the air – and could be coming for you soon! When those around you are settling down, it often stirs up a desire for commitment and lasting partnership in yourself as well. Your time to walk down the aisle may be just around the corner.

You Feel Drawn To Jewelry Stores

Finding yourself repeatedly drawn to jewelry stores and noticing beautiful engagement rings is a sign that you may be getting married soon. If stunning rings seem to catch your eye more often and you can picture yourself wearing one, your subconscious may be telling you that you’re ready to take that next step towards commitment and marriage.

This inclination towards rings could indicate that you desire to make your relationship officially permanent. Your frequent attraction to rings may be a sign from the universe that wedding bells will be ringing for you soon.

You Feel Impatient And Restless, Like You’re Waiting For Something Exciting To Happen

You just have this sense that something big is right around the corner. An underlying feeling of anticipation and restlessness has crept into your daily life. Your usual routines and responsibilities feel monotonous or unfulfilling. You find yourself daydreaming about adventure and new beginnings.

This impatience for change is often a sign that you’re energetically aligned with a new relationship. Your soul knows it’s time to welcome a life partner, even if your logical mind hasn’t quite caught up yet. The restlessness will persist until you take action to pursue dating and open yourself up to new romantic connections.

You Feel An Inner Peace And Certainty That You Will Find “The One”

You feel a sense of reassurance deep within your soul that you will find your perfect match. An unshakeable knowing arises from your core that your future spouse is out there, and in time your paths will cross. This inner peace radiates outward, allowing you to release anxieties and trust in the divine timing of your romantic destiny.

You Feel Drawn To Spiritual Practices or Rituals Related To Marriage

Have you felt a sudden urge to read up on wedding ceremonies, rituals, or prayers? This could be a sign that marriage is on your horizon. Your soul knows what’s to come and is nudging you to prepare in spiritual ways. Maybe you’ve been lighting candles together, talking about your values and dreams, or reading poems about eternal love. These little acts help to purify your connection and pave the way for the commitment of marriage.

You Often Hear The Word “Marriage” or “Wedding”

Have you been noticing the word “marriage” popping up more frequently lately? Hearing references to marriage in media, conversations, and daily life could be a sign from the universe that wedding bells will be ringing for you soon.

When you start to perceive certain words or themes more often, it usually means they hold some significance or message for you. Pay attention to the contexts in which you’re hearing about marriage. Are the messages positive and uplifting? That’s a good omen your own union is on the horizon.

You Feel An Increased Desire To Spend Time With Family And Loved Ones

As the time for marriage draws near, you may feel a strong pull to connect with close family and friends. There’s a sense of wanting to strengthen bonds and express appreciation for the loved ones who have supported you throughout your life. You feel sentimental and reflective, looking through old photos and sharing memories.

This urge to come together is preparation for the new family you’re about to build. It’s a time to both look fondly at the past and also look ahead to new beginnings. Make the most of this opportunity to reach out and plan visits or calls with parents, siblings, grandparents, and long-time friends. Let them know you value them and the role they’ve played in helping shape you into the person you’ve become.

You Feel A Sudden Burst of Creativity

Are you suddenly inspired to start a new hobby like photography, painting, or writing poetry? This could be a sign that marriage is on the horizon. When you meet someone special who ignites your passion and creative spark, it often translates into other areas of your life.

You may find yourself looking at the world through rose-colored glasses and feeling motivated to pursue new creative outlets to express your joy and excitement about the possibilities the future may hold. Let that burst of creative energy flow! You never know, you might find some hidden talent or interest of yours that could really take off.

Seeing Rings or Ring Shapes Everywhere

When the universe wants to get your attention about an impending marriage, it may send you signs in the form of rings or ring shapes that seem to appear everywhere. You start noticing wedding rings on people’s fingers more often. You see ring-shaped objects like circles, ovals, or spheres catching your eye throughout the day. Commercials or ads featuring wedding rings and engagement rings pop up with uncanny frequency.

These are not mere coincidences but subtle spiritual signs that marriage is on the horizon for you. Your soul is tuning in to these symbols and nudging you to be alert and aware. An engagement or wedding proposal could be right around the corner, even if you are not currently dating anyone special.

You Feel More Connected To Nature

As your wedding day approaches, you may find yourself feeling more in tune with the natural world around you. The trees seem greener, the flowers more vibrant, the sunrises and sunsets more breathtaking. There’s something magical about connecting to nature during this special time.

Take it as a sign you’re entering a new chapter where you’ll be growing together like the leaves and blossoms around you. Appreciate the simple beauty in every living thing.

You Keep Seeing Pairs of Doves

If you frequently spot pairs of doves together — whether in real life or in photos, TV shows, or movies — it could be a sign that wedding bells will be ringing for you soon. Doves are a symbol of love and fidelity, and seeing them in pairs represents partnership, commitment, and marriage.

Pay attention to these sightings, as the universe may be dropping hints that you’re close to finding your soulmate or taking the next step in your relationship. Who knows, those doves could even make an appearance at your own wedding!

You Feel An Increased Sense of Gratitude

As you get closer to finding your life partner, you may feel more grateful and appreciative about life’s little things. You feel thankful for your health, home, friends, family, job, and little blessings each day. This sense of gratitude spills over into your interactions with others as you express more appreciation for them.

You realize life’s meaning isn’t found in lavish vacations or an extravagant lifestyle but rather in nurturing meaningful relationships and savoring each moment. This attitude of gratitude signifies you’re in a place of abundance and fulfillment, ready to share your joy and life with someone special.

Final Words

You know what they say – when you know, you know. While some of these signs may feel a bit ‘woo woo’, others may really resonate. At the end of the day, getting married is a big step, so be sure you’re truly ready. Don’t ignore red flags just because the ‘universe is sending you signs.’

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