4 Cool Superstitions About Cats And Pregnancy

superstition about cats and pregnancy

You’ve probably heard a few old wives’ tales about cats and pregnancy over the years. Maybe an elderly relative warned you to keep cats away when you were expecting, or a well-meaning friend insisted that a pregnant woman should never clean the litter box.

Most people think all the cat superstitions are bad, but that’s not actually the case. There are a few positive ones that expecting moms should know about.

Cats Can Sense Pregnancy

Cats are intuitive creatures, and some believe they can detect when their owner is pregnant before anyone else. Once you’re expecting, your cat may become more affectionate and protective of you. They tend to rub against your belly, purr, and meow more, and some even try to guard you by following you around constantly.

In general, they may become clingier and more attentive, meowing for food or treats more often. Some cats get moodier or more aggressive towards other pets in the household as they try to assert their bond with you. On the other hand, a usually aloof cat may suddenly become a lap cat, curling up next to you whenever possible.

Cats are also super sensitive to the smallest changes in their environment and owners. Their keen sense of smell allows them to detect the changes in your hormones and pheromones during pregnancy. Some believe that cats can even sense the tiny electrical impulses given off by a fetal heart in the early stages of development. So, while you’re waiting for that positive test, look for clues in your feline friend’s behavior. Their sixth sense may just give you the news first!

A Cat Curling Up On A Pregnant Belly

According to folklore, when a cat curls up on or near a pregnant woman’s belly, it protects both her and the baby from negative energies and evil spirits.

The cat is thought to be able to detect these dark forces and use its own energy to create a protective barrier. By laying close to the expectant mother’s womb, the cat shields the unborn baby and helps ensure a safe pregnancy and delivery.

Many expectant mothers find this superstition comforting. Cats have long been revered in various cultures as guardians and familiars, so their presence can feel like an extra layer of protection during such a vulnerable time. However, there is no evidence to suggest that cats do, in fact, have any special ability to detect or defend against spiritual threats.

Still, allowing a cat to rest near you during pregnancy is unlikely to cause any harm. At most, their purring and warmth may have a soothing, stress-relieving effect. And if it gives expectant mothers peace of mind and a sense of security during an emotionally complex experience, that can only be a good thing.

Cat Behavior Predicting Gender

Have you heard that a cat’s behavior can reveal whether you’re having a boy or girl? Some old wives’ tales claim that a cat’s actions during a woman’s pregnancy can predict the baby’s gender before an ultrasound.

One common belief is that if a cat curls up on your belly or shows a preference for one side of your abdomen over the other, that side indicates the baby’s gender.

If the cat prefers the right side of the pregnant belly, it must be a boy, and the left side points to a girl. Another notion is that a cat will be more affectionate and attentive to a woman carrying a female baby. The idea is that the cat senses a future feline companion in the womb.

Conversely, the theory goes that a cat will ignore or avoid a woman pregnant with a male baby since tomcats and male kittens are often more aloof.

Protection And Guardian Spirits

Some cultures really see cats in a unique way when it comes to pregnancy. They actually think cats can be protective spirits or guardians for expectant mothers and their babies still in the womb.

It’s a belief that having a cat around when you’re with a child can bring good fortune and keep bad spirits away. Now, where do you think an idea like that comes from? Well, it probably stems from how cats have long been tied to ideas of luck and safety in many traditional stories and folk tales.

For ages in different societies, cats were thought to have almost magical powers, and I guess over time, that got applied to protecting pregnant women, too.

These myths are certainly entertaining and speak to how cats have been seen as magical creatures through the ages, even though modern science doesn’t back them up. Ultimately, whether you’re expecting or not, having an affectionate feline companion can be a wonderful thing. Pregnancy is a special time, so make sure to cherish your furry friend and take good care of yourself.

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