5 Things That’ll Make Him Chase You In A Long-Distance Relationship

I know that feeling when you meet a great guy, hit it off, and spend amazing time together. Sparks flew, chemistry ignited, and you found yourself falling hard. The only catch? He lives far away.

Long-distance relationships can be challenging bt don’t lose hope. There are a few things you can do to keep him chasing you, even from miles away. You just have to be willing to put in the effort to keep the fire burning and the connection strong. If you show him you’re worth the wait, he won’t be able to stop thinking about you.

Make Yourself Mysterious And Unavailable

Play a little hard to get. Don’t always be available at his beck and call over the phone or online. Keep some mystery about what you’re up to in your everyday life. This unpredictability will make you more intriguing and keep him chasing you for attention.

Flirt with him to show you’re interested, but pull back before things get too heated. End a call a few minutes early or say you have plans to allow anticipation to build until your next chat. This push-pull dynamic creates excitement and a desire for more interaction.

When you make yourself less available and reveal less information, you create an air of mystery that sparks his curiosity. He won’t be able to stop thinking about you, making him chase you with passion and persistence. The thrill of the unknown keeps that spark alive, even from far away.

Have An Exciting Life Outside of The Relationship

He’ll see that you’re an interesting, multifaceted woman with your own interests and passions. Get out and pursue your hobbies and interests. Take a class on something you’ve always wanted to learn, join a local sports league or book club, pick up a hobby like photography or dancing. Fill your time with things that energize you. He’ll admire your zest for life and independence.

Spend time with other important people in your life, like close friends or family. Make an effort to strengthen those connections. Plan girls nights, visit your best friend, call your sister. Investing in other relationships shows you have a strong support system.

Also, take trips without him. If you have the chance to travel for work or pleasure, do it. Exploring new places and having new experiences gives you interesting things to talk about and share with him. He’ll be eager to hear all about your adventures.

Posting on social media about how much fun you’re having can be a good way to let your long-distance partner know that you’re doing just fine without him. Flaunt what you’ve got going on to reel that special someone back in, whether they’re nearby or far away. A little jealousy is a good motivation to fight harder for your relationship.

Communicate Your Needs And Set Boundaries

In a long-distance relationship, communication is super important. Make sure to tell your partner how often you want to chat, whether that’s calls, texts, video chats, or whatever. Be open about your schedule, too, so they know when you’ve got free time and when you’ll be busy. Also, talk about visits – start planning when you’ll see each other face to face next.

It’s good to set clear boundaries as well so you both know where you stand. Explain what you are and aren’t okay with, like taking a while to reply or being too possessive. Be willing to hear about their needs, too, and find a compromise. Long distance is tough, but with honesty, commitment, and being open, you can make it work.

Focus On The Future

To keep him chasing you, focus on your future together rather than dwelling on the challenges of being apart. Talk about things you want to do together once you’re reunited, like going out for a nice dinner, seeing a movie, or just staying in for a cozy night at home. Making plans for the future, no matter how far off, gives you both something positive to look forward to and strengthens your emotional connection.

Discuss your long-term relationship goals and priorities to make sure you’re on the same page about where this is heading. Do you both want marriage and kids? Are you willing to relocate for each other if needed? Getting clarity on the big questions will make the waiting period feel more meaningful and help build a strong foundation for your future.

My advice? Maintain a future-oriented mindset in your conversations and interactions, as this will fan the flames of excitement for when you’re finally in the same place again. The anticipation of being together will make him cherish you even more and pursue you with passion and purpose. Focusing ahead on what really matters will remind you both why overcoming the challenges of distance and time apart will be worth it in the end.

Don’t Reply To His Texts Instantly

When you’re apart, texting will likely be your main form of communication. While it’s tempting to respond to his messages right away, don’t. Hold off for at least 30-60 minutes before replying. This shows him you have a life outside of him and the relationship. You’re busy and not just sitting by the phone waiting for his texts.

Men love a challenge and mystery. By not always being readily available, you create that challenge to connect with you. He has to work for your attention and affection. This makes the connection feel more rewarding when it does happen. He will start to miss you more and become eager for your replies and any interaction. The time apart will make your conversations more meaningful.

This simple tactic triggers his chase instinct. He will double his efforts to get your attention and win you over. The less available you seem, the more he will chase you. But don’t overdo it, or he may feel like you’ve lost interest. Find the right balance to keep him engaged and wanting more. A little scarcity goes a long way in relationships, especially long-distance ones!

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