Toddler Floor Bed

We are used to high children’s beds with side rails, so at first glance, the concept of sleeping on a floor bed or a small bed with legs may seem unusual. However, this option is best suited for a toddler’s room if you value not only providing a sleeping space but also stimulating the child’s independence and autonomy and instilling confidence in their own abilities.

Why are floor beds for toddlers called Montessori beds?

Maria Montessori wrote that in a regular bed, a child’s actions are limited to looking at the side rails and lying or standing while holding onto them, as if in a cage, patiently waiting for the parents to take them out. Instead, toddler floor bed does not restrict the child’s free movement within the room. When they wake up, they can get up or crawl out of bed, play, explore the space of their room, take their favorite toy, and make their own decisions.

Moreover, a floor bed allows the child to adapt to independent sleep more quickly, without lengthy tucking-in, night awakenings, and extensive training to a specific daily routine. The child gains safe freedom, growing in a nurturing environment that meets their needs. This approach has advantages for early development and helps the child grow in psychological comfort.

Features and advantages of Montessori floor beds

A toddler floor bed is made of wood and covered with water-based paints that are safe for the child’s health. Additionally, the child is protected by side rails that prevent accidental rolling off the bed during sleep. These rails can be removed later. Instead of the traditional design, the bed has a comfortable headboard, and some models even have high railings or bars. The child can practice grasping movements, muscle strength, and gross motor skills by gripping and pulling up on these bars.

It also allows decorating the bed with colorful garlands, or letter garlands with the child’s name, or draping fabric over the bars to transform the bed into a mysterious tent for hide-and-seek or other games.

Pros of a floor bed

  • High level of safety
  • Possibility of independent use by the child
  • Ergonomic and multifunctional design
  • Early development of cognitive and physical abilities
  • Easy installation, removable rails

The bed can also have low legs. In this case, the base is equipped with birch slats that provide good mattress support and ensure quality ventilation under the bed.

Choosing a Montessori floor bed

The main rule for choosing is to select the bed size correctly.

Measure the space where you plan to place the bed to ensure that the chosen model will fit there. It is also essential to consider the room style and the child’s preferences. Review the bed designs together with the toddler to find the bed that they will like from the available options. It will also serve as a preparatory stage for transitioning to independent sleep in a separate bed and facilitate easy adaptation to the new sleeping and resting space.


Floor beds can be simply finished with varnishes, allowing children to enjoy the natural beauty of the wood’s texture, or come in various colors that match the interior design. We recommend focusing on universal, pastel shades, as the bed will serve the child for a long time without needing replacement. Since the child grows quickly, they need a bed they will like not only in a specific moment but also in the future. Therefore, a pastel color palette is an ideal choice in any case.


It is also important to choose a model according to specific needs, preferences, and styles. Beds can be classic and minimalist or resemble a house, teepee, cloud, and more. For the youngest users, some bed-playpens serve a dual function: protecting the child during play and providing them with a comfortable space for rest.

We are always happy to assist you in choosing a bed if you have any doubts. Just let us know the room parameters and preferences, and we will offer you the best options tailored to your needs.

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