What Do Recruiters Look for in a Resume?

What Do Recruiters Look for in a Resume

Recruiters often don’t spend much time looking at one resume because of the time factor and the many resumes they have to go through. They instead skim through the resumes. So, it is essential to write your CV in a way that catches their attention at first glance.

They check out for the following:

Start With Your Name and Contact Details

Recruiters note if applicants have included a name and other essential contact details. At the top of the page, the first part of the resume should contain these essential details—your contact number, E-mail address, complete address, etc.


They want candidates who can manage time and deliver a problematic task well before a deadline. An excellent way to show that you have this skill is your CV’s general arrangement. With the help of one of the best NYC resume services, you’ll get to read and understand spelling and grammar errors, what a resume should look like and how long it is. It is advisable to summarize your entire resume in two or three pages. Ensure it is in order without clashing your experience or achievements.

Clarity and Relevant Language

Recruiters read great resumes in little time. Ensure yours is clear, logical, and maintains the use of one type of font. Use simple English and avoid needless words. Bullet points to outline skills, accomplishments, and other main points. Spelling mistakes are evaded at all costs. You may be fit for a role, but you may not pass the first stage without proper arrangement.

Experience and Skills

It should include your skills and experience. Make sure your expertise comes across as constant and fitting. Be clear where you added merit and your exact help in any venture. Ensure you add all relevant skills acquired and expected of you in previous roles. Including other skills that are not significantly related to the position, you applied for may help.

Don’t Include Irrelevant skills. Ambiguous skills like ‘ good listener’ won’t tell the recruiter anything about you. And this is risky because it lessens the chances of your hire.


Emphasize vital academic certificates, especially when put as necessary in the selection standards.

Results and Extra Qualifications

One major thing an employer wants to see is results. Make sure to arrange them in the accepted order, which is chronological. Extra qualifications like volunteer work or internships will grab the recruiter’s attention.


 Ensure the format of your resume is so that it makes it simple for the recruiter to access. Make sure to save your C.V with your name for easier access. For example, (Peter, Joyce- resume).

Location Preferences

Very often, a candidate may be living in another place from where they schooled. The employer may look at this as a sign of location choice and might reach out to the candidate. Some candidates choose to write their location preferences in their resumes. The recruiters decide to reach out they are hired.

Social Media Platforms

We live in the digital age where almost everyone is on social media. Although it’s not required, you could add your social media usernames. Also, don’t forget to include any online work you’ve done to show your capacity.

Extra Sections

Recruiters may also want to see a different section. Different extra areas may strengthen your resumes and highlight your skills.

For example, include abilities that will draw their attention. Hobbies and interests that connect to the role applied. For instance, including dress design as a hobby when applying for a position in the fashion industry will draw attention.

Obedience to Given Instructions

When hiring, one of the first things observed in a resume is if they obeyed instructions. Did the candidate follow all the given instructions by submitting all requirements? Did they answer your essential questions or not? A candidate’s obedience to given instructions shows they are a prospective hire.


The world is now versatile, and there is a need to focus more on hiring for potential than just the role. Therefore, the willingness to adapt to different situations is what recruiters look for in resumes.

Too Long Resumes

Suggestions have been made to make resumes brief, but some candidates still bring too long resumes. A long resume might mean that you intentionally didn’t remake your resume, and a long resume bores the recruiters quickly.

Be Honest!

Recruiters these days do a detailed background check to cross-check your resumes as well. Hence it is suggestive not to deceive in your resume. Be cautious about your grammar too.

It would be best if you did not fake anything regarding your education, experiences, and achievement. Even a lie as simple as reading is my hobby might bring you to your interview in a personal consultation. No matter how low your grades are or how un-experienced you are in the field. Honestly is always the best option.

Use of Action Verbs

A recruiter can judge a candidate’s strength based on action verbs. Use action verbs in your resume when describing your current or former tasks. And avoid as much as possible adverbs and passive words.

Finally, recruiters want eye-catching but sincere resumes to consider the candidates for hire. Knowing what the recruiters want to see and following it gives an edge over other candidates.

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