What Happens When You Stop Chasing A Gemini Man

what happens when you stop chasing a gemini man

You ever hear those things people say about Geminis? That they’re super social and flitting all over, never focusing on one thing for too long. And that they don’t feel emotions too deeply. But I don’t really buy into all that. Especially when it comes to relationships.

Geminis definitely like to sample a little of everything. But they want it in moderation. If you come on too strong, always blowing up their phone with texts or wanting to hang out non-stop, it’s gonna push them away fast. Everything in moderation is the name of the game with Geminis.

Why Chasing Pushes A Gemini Man Away

Gemini men crave independence and freedom. The more you chase after a Gemini, the more he’ll distance himself. He needs to be able to do his own thing without feeling trapped or smothered.

Constant calls, texts and wanting to spend every free moment together will make a Gemini man retreat. He requires breathing room in a relationship, and chasing behavior makes him feel caged in.

Trust is also essential. If you’re always suspicious of what a Gemini man is up to or who he’s with when you’re apart, he’ll question whether the relationship is right for him. Don’t snoop through his things or constantly check up on him. Show a Gemini you believe in his ability to be faithful and independent.

So what does all this mean for you? I wouldn’t recommend chasing after a Gemini man. If you want to get his heart, you gotta take it slow and steady. Feel things out without coming on too strong. Give him space, but also let him know you’re interested. With a Gemini, rushing into things probably isn’t a good idea.

He Will Think About You More

There’s some truth to that idea. When you stop chasing after someone and seem less available, it can pique their curiosity.

Geminis are naturally curious people. So if a Gemini man was used to getting a lot of attention from you, but suddenly that changed, and you weren’t as available, he just might start wondering what’s up. Why isn’t she texting me as much? Who is she spending time with now?

That inquisitive Gemini nature will start doing some thinking. He’ll probably check your social media more often, trying to read between the lines and figure out what you might be up to these days. And he may even send you a casual “hey, how’s it going?” type of message just so he can get a sense of whether you’re still interested or have moved on by now.

It’s almost like a game of mouse and cat. The less accessible you seem, the more he’ll mull things over in his head. Wondering where you are and what you might be up to will start occupying some space in his thoughts. And that intrigue and mystery could very well help him realize he likes the attention you used to give him. Then maybe he’ll decide he wants more of it after all.

He Will See The True YOU

When someone stops chasing after another person, they usually don’t just sit around moping and waiting for things to change on their own. Most people move on to focusing on themselves and the activities that bring them joy.

It’s natural to want to fill your time back up with your hobbies, or catching up with good friends. And you know, there’s nothing wrong with sharing a little of that on social media every now and then, too. When that person sees posts about all the fun experiences you’re having, whether it’s a hobby you’re throwing yourself into, hanging with friends, or even taking a trip somewhere new, it can really give them a different perspective.

Sometimes, seeing that confident, happy version of you living your best life is exactly what makes someone realize what they may be missing out on. It helps them to see the full, multidimensional person you are – the kind of partner you’d be in a relationship. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

He’ll Want To Make Sure You’re Still Interested

Even though Geminis value independence, they still want to know you care. When you stop chasing him, he may worry you’ve lost interest altogether. To soothe his ego and see if the spark is still there, he’ll send a casual text or call to chat. If he senses you’re still interested but also busy living your own life, he’ll be hooked.

The key is patience. Keep living your best life, focus on your own interests, and don’t dwell on what he’s doing or why you haven’t heard from him. In time, your Gemini man won’t be able to stand the distance anymore and will make his way back to you.

He Will Move On

On the other hand, if he just wasn’t that into you from the beginning, he’ll likely move on pretty quickly once you stop contacting him. Geminis don’t really like to dwell on the past or stay stuck in situations that aren’t going anywhere. If you weren’t able to keep him mentally engaged or stimulated in the relationship, or if he found someone else who could hold his interest more, then he probably won’t look back.

The best way to really tell if a Gemini is seriously into you is by paying attention to how interested and invested in you he seems to be and matching that level yourself. If his feelings seem inconsistent, hot one day and cold the next, or if he blows hot and cold a lot, then you’re better off finding someone who will commit to you and the relationship in the way you deserve.

You have to know your own self-worth. Don’t waste your time on people who don’t see your value or don’t appear that serious about being with you long-term!

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