Where To Use Your Dendro Sigils In Genshin Impact

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So you’ve been exploring the forests of Sumeru and racking up those dendro sigils, huh? Those little green tree tokens are your key to some sweet rewards, but figuring out where to spend them can be tricky when you’re just getting started.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the best spots in Sumeru city and its surrounding rainforests where you can cash in your hard-earned dendro sigils for everything from weapons and artifacts to local specialties and ascension materials.

What Are Dendro Sigils?

Dendro Sigils are the currency used in the Sumeru region of Teyvat. You’ll earn these prized sigils by completing quests, defeating enemies, and discovering treasure chests in the Sumeru area.

Once you’ve collected a good amount of Dendro Sigils, you’ll want to spend them to reap some excellent rewards. Here are the best ways to use your hard-earned sigils:

  1. Trade with Sumeru Merchants – Various merchants throughout Sumeru will gladly exchange your Dendro Sigils for rare resources like ascension materials, talent books, and artifact sets. Stock up on these useful goods to strengthen your characters and teams.
  2. Sumeru Souvenir Shop – This shop features furniture, gadgets, and other decorative items with a distinct Sumeru flair. If you want to bring the vibrant culture of Sumeru into your Serenitea Pot realm, spend your sigils here.
  3. Sumeru Reputation Rewards – Increase your Sumeru Reputation level to earn namecards, crafting recipes and other useful unlocks. You’ll need to hand over Dendro Sigils to claim each reputation reward.
  4. Crowns of Insight – Once you reach higher Reputation levels, you can trade Dendro Sigils for the ultra-rare Crowns of Insight. Use these crowns to maximize the talent levels of your favorite characters.

With so many worthwhile options, you’ll be putting your Dendro Sigils to good use in no time. Happy spending, travelers! Keep exploring the lush rainforests and deserts of Sumeru to discover more sigil sources. Before you know it, you’ll be flush with currency and reaping the many benefits this mysterious land has to offer.

Where To Find And Collect Dendro Sigils

Now that you’ve collected Dendro Sigils from chests, puzzles and quests in Genshin Impact, it’s time to spend them! These precious sigils are the currency used in the city of Liyue, so you’ve got a few options for where to cash them in.

First, head to the Souvenir Shop in Liyue Harbor. Here, you can trade your hard-earned sigils for useful items like Mora, Character EXP Materials, and Weapon Enhancement Ores. The offerings refresh weekly, so check back often for the best deals.

Next, visit the Jewelry Shop, also located in Liyue Harbor. This shop features precious gems and accessories you can buy with your Dendro Sigils, like the Liyue Specialty Glaze Lily. These decorative items are great for sprucing up your Serenitea Pot or just showing off your Liyue pride.

Finally, if you’ve unlocked the reputation system in Liyue, you can donate your Dendro Sigils to increase your reputation level. Higher reputation levels provide rewards like reduced costs at Liyue shops, special namecards, and open world buffs in Liyue. Reputation levels are account-wide too, so all your characters benefit.

With shops to spend them in, gems and accessories to buy, and reputation to increase, your hard-earned Dendro Sigils will go a long way in Liyue.

Using Dendro Sigils To Unlock Rewards

Now that you’ve collected Dendro Sigils from chests and quests in the Sumeru region, it’s time to unlock some useful rewards. The sigils can be exchanged for items at the Dendro Sigil Shop in Sumeru City.

Unlock Character Level-Up Materials

One of the best uses for your Dendro Sigils is acquiring Character Ascension materials for leveling up your characters. These include items like Scroll of the Forest, Scroll of the Mountains, and Scroll of the Seas. The shop regularly restocks these supplies. Stock up on the scrolls for any Sumeru characters you obtain.

Exchange For Mora

If you’re in need of Mora, the in-game currency, you can exchange 100 Dendro Sigils for 10,000 Mora. While not the most efficient use of the sigils, the option is there if you need some quick cash.

Buy Furnishings For Your Serenitea Pot

For decorating your Serenitea Pot realm, the shop sells Sumeru-themed furnishings like palm trees, wooden fences, and stone pathways. The items cost between 50 to 200 Dendro Sigils each.

Claim Namecards

There are also two namecards featuring artwork from the Sumeru region that you can claim for reaching certain Dendro Sigil milestones. At 400 sigils, you’ll receive the “Verdant Strider” namecard. If you collect 1,000 Dendro Sigils in total, you’ll unlock the “Deepwoods Explorer” namecard.

By spending your hard-earned Dendro Sigils wisely at the shop, you’ll gain valuable resources to help strengthen your characters and make your teapot home more scenic.

Final Words

Whether you need to ascend your dendro characters, stock up on talent level up materials, or get your hands on some sweet weapons and artifacts, the Realm of Dendro has you covered.

With so many options it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, but focus on what will benefit your team the most right now. The sigils aren’t going anywhere, so you can always change up your spending strategy down the road.

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