Why Do I Keep Dreaming About The Same Person Over And Over Again?

You wake up every day, only to find you are dreaming of the same person. You can’t shake them from your mind and it’s driving you crazy. Why do we keep dreaming of the same person? Is there something wrong with us? There are a few explanations for why this happens.

In this article, we will look at several possible reasons why you keep dreaming about the same person often.

Why Do I Keep Dreaming About The Same Person Over And Over Again?

You keep thinking about them

Have you been thinking about this person a lot? That could account for the recurrence.

In psychology, dreams are thought to present or show information from different emotional centers in our brains. So if you’re currently feeling a very strong emotion about a person, your brain will provide content to support that sentiment through dreams. If this is happening, then it’s probably safe to say that either you need to go deeper into your feelings or come closer to resolving them altogether before they start going away.

It may seem like you are experiencing recurring imagery because the mind is very focused on this person. Sometimes when people are in love, they can’t stop thinking about their partner. When this happens, the brain will remember every detail of what that person looks like and it will replay these thoughts in dreams.

You love them

The human mind can’t make sense of the contradiction between dreaming about someone you dislike and feeling deprived when they are not in your life. Your brain is sorting through all your emotions in an attempt to find a way out of the dilemma, but there isn’t one. This state of unease or confusion can manifest itself in dreams where for instance you see them in your room trying to hurt you but then have another dream where they are being supportive and kind towards you.

It’s possible this person represents a force in your life that is very important to you. The fact that they keep coming up in your dreams could represent subconscious wishes for closeness or an impending interaction with the person. People come up in our dreams because on some level we are thinking about them or want more of them, so it is possible this person has some unfinished emotional business with you.


For some reasons unknown to us subconsciously, we project behavior traits or habits onto someone else which might not actually apply to them at all sort of a coping mechanism. We see our reflections in other people so to speak so when negative things happen to us, well…it takes little imagination to know who’s responsible!

Dreams are self-reflection. They can point out something in your subconscious that needs to be addressed. Perhaps you find yourself obsessing over this person or maybe there’s more of an intimate connection with them that you keep suppressing, like if they were a friend, family member of yours.

You have unresolved feelings towards that person

You want to convince yourself of the significance of this person, even if they may not be significant for you at all. In other words, you’re developing a strong bond with this person and it’s becoming an attachment; one with little productive value but indicated by many negative emotions nonetheless. The only way to rectify these dreams is to resolve these feelings and find worth within your inner circle rather than outside forces (unless those people happen yield outstanding opportunity and growth).

It could also be something to do with an unfinished situation between the two of you that has yet to find closure. Maybe one of the people in your dream reminds you of someone else who haunts you emotionally so often that dreams about them take on a pattern.

The person might be relevant to your life in some way

When certain people or events take up consistent amounts of our thoughts throughout the day (dreams included) it’s likely because they are relevant to us in some way. Research has shown many times over that what we pay attention to affects how much energy goes into remembering an event later – so if you’re constantly running mental loops on this one data point, it may be distracting you from your other responsibilities and interests.

The person holds a great deal of significance in your life

You may be having this person on your mind a lot and not even realize it. It’s possible that they’ve been influential in your life or you feel guilty for something related to them. On the other hand, it could just be about their appearance in waking life and how they relate to something. Humans can dream about things we see during the day and carry these thoughts into sleep with us without really realizing it! Dreams are one of the few forms of communication where we don’t filter conscious brain activity—and sometimes what our subconscious is feeling comes out in unlikely ways like dreams that feature people who happen to cross our minds recently/that often pop into our consciousness (either by looks or behavior.)


Dreams can help us understand ourselves, but they also reflect our current life situations and are a way for our brains to work through thoughts, emotions, and memories that we have during waking hours. It is possible that your brain is working out an issue you had with someone from your past or present by dreaming about them over and over again.

The next time it happens, take a moment to ask yourself why this person is appearing in your dreams. You may be subconsciously trying to tell yourself something important about them or your relationship with them. It doesn’t matter if they are dead, alive, fictional characters from TV shows – whatever the case may be – you should always analyze what these repetitive images mean for you and then act accordingly.

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