Yoga And Well-being

By practicing yoga or meditation, you immediately perceive the positive effect that these disciplines generate on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Many people also use CBD oils and other CBD products along with their yoga sessions. You can find out more about CBD oil here.

But how can these effects be transformed into a lasting and stable state of well-being?

Some yoga masters suggest thinking of one’s state of well-being not only as the absence of disease but also as having the strength and energy to face everyday challenges with vitality.


To gain a robust state of health, you need to grasp the inner awareness of your person—awareness of one’s physical forms, breathing, and mind. We must perceive the sense of completeness and satisfaction that will give us back the strength and energy we need.

The body needs to be stimulated and recover the elasticity that a sedentary lifestyle takes away. It is important to regain awareness of all the parts of your body and the movements that keep them in perfect balance.

Pranayama practice—awareness of one’s breathing and its different forms—is fundamental. It teaches you to listen to yourself from the inside, grasp your own rhythms, and perceive the source of your energy.

Meditation encompasses the art of mental perception, of concentration to grasp every moment of one’s experience.

Well-being through Yoga

Limiting yoga practice to only physical exercises is limiting while associating asana with pranayama and meditation leads to awareness and profound self-knowledge. This allows the entire person to be brought into balance, making them balanced and recharged in a state of harmonious well-being.

Therefore, yoga can become a unique opportunity to achieve lasting well-being.

The energy inside you

According to experts, the lack of energy is a sign that the body and subconscious offer to warn us of ongoing discomfort. It is necessary that our “energy body” is always in harmony and that the energy itself can always flow freely.

Sometimes, a person empties himself of all his energy or refuses to receive more, which complicates the harmony of his energy body. When energy flows harmoniously, man can benefit from it and live his life to the fullest.

Through yoga, for example, dormant energy can be awakened. Prana plays a fundamental role in communication between people to put their minds on vacation. As the author explains, Prana is made up of matter and spirit. It is an invisible energy that must flow within us and circulate in harmony with our mind and body.

The author continues that this flow of energy is made up of two currents: one positive and one negative. The positive current flows upwards, and the negative current flows downwards. For the well-being of the mind and body, it is necessary to convey the flow of the two currents upwards towards the brain. Yoga can help with this process by helping to maintain inner strength.

The Eastern vision

The human body has always been represented as crossed by approximately 72,000 energy channels ( nadis ), which transport Prana within our entire being, whose spiritual centre is located in the heart. At the same time, the head is the centre where the physical body and the universe meet.

These numerous channels transport various types of energy: Prana, apana, samana, and vyana. Each has its own particularity, but all are necessary for overall well-being. In addition to the internal channels, our body is surrounded by another body, called the “energy body,” which is naturally invisible. 

This body is composed of a network of 21 lines, and precisely these lines, intersecting at seven precise points, create circles full of energy: the royal chakras or raja chakras.

Last words

Experience the positive energy of yoga and cultivate your state of well-being! If you want to add some CBD to your daily routine and achieve relaxation, head to!

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