12 Reasons Why They’ll Fall In Love With You After Rejecting You

Recently, I was talking to one of my friends. He had been chasing after this girl for two long years. Eventually, he worked up the courage to tell her how he felt, that he loved her, but she wasn’t having it and turned him down. It took him over a year to get over it, but eventually, he started focusing on bettering himself instead. He started hitting the gym more and spending time doing things he enjoyed. Before too long, he even met someone new and ended up in a relationship with her.

Around the same time, out of nowhere, the original girl started taking more interest in him. She started liking all his posts on Instagram and watching his Instagram stories. She suddenly couldn’t get enough of him. But it was too late because now he was seeing someone else.

That’s what gave me the idea for this article. It shows that even after rejecting you, their feelings can change. They might realize later what they lost. Here are a few reasons why they can fall in love with you even after rejecting you.

They Weren’t Ready For A Relationship At The Time

When someone rejects you, it’s usually because they aren’t in the right headspace for a relationship. Maybe they just got out of something serious, or work and life are too chaotic to dedicate time to you. Whatever the reason, the timing was off. But time heals all wounds, and situations change.

The “Law of Detachment” In Works

When you first get rejected, it stings. But as time passes, the pain starts to lessen. Your longing for that person begins to fade as you establish a new routine without them. You start to gain perspective and realize that maybe they weren’t the right fit after all.

Now, if you believe in the law of attraction, it basically says that what we want is easier to get than we think. In other words, if you chase after someone, they’re going to run away. But if you let them go and do their own thing, they might come back around on their own. Sometimes, though, in the meantime, you end up losing interest in them.

Feelings Can Develop Over Time

What starts as friendship or casual dating can evolve into deeper feelings. As this person gets to know you, they see what an amazing catch you are. They become accustomed to having you in their life, and soon enough, they can’t imagine you not being there.

Their Priorities or Values May Have Shifted

Sometimes, people go through experiences that change what they want in life and relationships. Things that seemed important before fade away, and what really matters comes into focus. As they gain maturity and life experience, they realize you’re the kind of person they should be with.

They Miss What They Had With You

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, doesn’t it? Once you’ve moved on, this person may look back and regret letting you go. They miss your humor, kindness, intelligence, and the way you made them feel. The memory of you becomes idealized until they realize they made a huge mistake and want another shot.

You Seem More Desirable From Afar

There’s an appeal to the familiar but also to the unknown. When your rejector sees you after a long absence, you seem different and intriguing. They witness your growth and change and suddenly realize what they’ve been missing—curiosity about who you’ve become sparks their interest again.

You’ve Grown As A Person Since The Rejection

Since turning you down, it’s likely you’ve made positive changes in your life that have shaped you into a new and improved version of yourself. People mature and evolve over time, and the person who rejected you may now see you in a whole new light.

You may have pursued new interests and hobbies, traveled to different places, or pursued higher education. New life experiences shape our character and help us discover more about who we are. You’ve probably gained confidence and insight that allows you to carry yourself differently as well. All of these changes make you a more compelling and attractive person.

There’s also a chance that the person who rejected you has grown themselves over this time period. They may have different life experiences and perspectives now that give them an appreciation for qualities in you they didn’t see before. Sometimes, it takes maturity and personal growth for us to recognize a “diamond in the rough.” With time and space, they were able to see you for who you really are – a caring, interesting, and multifaceted person with a lot to offer.

They Realize You Have Traits They Now Value

After they rejected you, they had time to reflect on what really matters to them in a partner. It’s likely they gained more life experiences and maturity, which gave them a better sense of the qualities that make for a healthy, long-term relationship. Upon reflection, they realized you actually have many of these traits.

You Treat Them Well

They rejected you a while back, but you’ve made your peace with it, and now you treat them just like any other friend – with kindness. It’s not that you necessarily want them back or anything; you just treat them well because, really, at the end of the day, we’re all just people.

By being nice to them, maybe they’ll realize what a good person you are. Even after they rejected you or said something hurtful, they can see that you’ve got a level head and a good heart. That kind of stuff is attractive, but who knows – maybe at this point, you’ve lost interest anyway.

They Were Dealing With Personal Issues

It’s possible the person who rejected you was dealing with personal issues at the time that “messed” with their head. Maybe they had just gone through a breakup or divorce and weren’t ready to start something new. Or perhaps they were struggling with their mental health, like depression or anxiety, and lacked the emotional capacity for a relationship.

Their Priorities Changed

Life circumstances change, and what they wanted or needed at the time of rejection may be very different now. For example, perhaps their career was their top priority then, but now they’re in a more stable place and open to dating. Or maybe family issues demanded their attention before, but those situations have since been resolved, allowing them to shift focus to their personal life.

They Matured And Grew

People change a lot over time, for better and worse. But in this case, the person who rejected you likely matured and developed in positive ways that made them see you as a viable partner. They became wiser, less judgmental, and more understanding and empathetic. Their tastes and preferences evolved. Now, qualities they once dismissed they find endearing. Chances are, they grew into someone who could love and appreciate you for who you are.

Will You Give Them Another Chance?

If someone rejected you before but now seems to have fallen for you, don’t let the past rejection make you bitter. People change, feelings change. Maybe at first, they were intimidated by you or just not ready for a relationship. But now, seeing how awesome you are or after some time to grow emotionally, they realize you’re exactly what they’re looking for.

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