4 Interesting Facts About Aries

Aries is the first astrology sign within the Zodiac and spans for the duration from the 20th March to 19th April. It has the Zodiac symbol of a Ram and has the Zodiac element of fire, similar to the Leo and Sagittarius astrology signs.

Aries are often determined individuals who love passionately and are very loyal to those they love (and expect loyalty in return). They also are high-energy individuals that are often very physical. The planet of Mars also rules the astrology sign, and therefore Aries are known for their short tempers and aggressive outbursts.

interesting facts about aries

Bold and Brave

In astrology, it is believed that each zodiac sign learns a lesson from its predecessor; however, since Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac wheel, it does not learn a lesson from a previous sign. This results in Aries often leading with blind optimism, which can have both positive and negative consequences.

Aries is considered one of the bravest signs in the Zodiac, which leads them to make bold decisions that perhaps other signs would not make themselves. Because of their brave and bold characteristics, as well as their determined and motivated nature, Aries are often perceived as being confident and natural-born leaders as they will often push themselves to complete tasks and “get the job done.” However, with the Zodiac symbol of an Aries being a Ram (in particular a Ram’s head), Aries are known for being very head-strong and forceful, which leads them to be set in their ways and their decisions when they have made them (whether that is for the greater good or not).

Passionate and Loyal

Due to their Zodiac element being fire, Aries is considered passionate lovers and devoted to those they love (both platonically and romantically). Aries is also very protective (sometimes to the degree of being overprotective) of their friends and people they love. However, Aries tend not to have a large group of friends as they require genuine relationships with those they surround themselves with.

Trust and loyalty are two key traits for Aries, as they dislike disingenuous and dishonest individuals – if an Aries catches you lying to them, they will soon become heartless towards you will lose that relationship with an Aries forever.

Short-tempered and Hot-headed

The Aries astrology sign is also ruled by Mars, named after the Roman God of war. This, in addition to Aries being a fire element, results in this astrology sign falling victim to short-tempered flare-ups of anger and aggression that they often find difficult to control. These angry outbursts do not pair well with the hard-headed and determined character traits of an Aries that come with the ram astrology sign, as they are often difficult to reason with during a short-tempered outburst. This often brings out a self-centered nature in Aries.

High Energy and Physical Individuals

Being a fire sign that is also ruled by the planet Mars results in Aries being very energetic and energetic. As a result of this high energy, Aries also tend to be very fitness-focused and health-conscious, often to obsessive levels.

When they cannot burn off their excess energy, Aries also expel a lot of their energy into their relationships, friendships, and jobs. As a result of this increased effort, Aries are very expectant that others (whether that be partners, friends, or colleagues) have the same work ethic and motivation into said relationships, friendships, and jobs.

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