5 Letter Words That Start With A And End With E (+ Meanings)

5 Letter Words That Start With A And End With E

Are you in search of interesting words to expand your lexicon or require assistance with discovering suitable words for your crossword puzzles?

Here are some of the most common five-letter words that start with “A” and end with “E,” such as awake, abide, alone, argue, azure, agape, alive, aisle, amaze, or apple, along with their meanings.

Abide – (verb) to comply with a rule, decision, or recommendation and take appropriate action.

Alive – (adjective) having life; living; not dead.

Ample – (adjective) enough or more than enough; plentiful.

Awoke – (verb) past tense of “awake,” meaning to stop sleeping; to become conscious.

Agape – (adjective) wide open, especially with surprise or wonder.

Aisle – (noun) a corridor connecting rows of seats in a structure like a church or theater, an airplane, or a train.

Alike – (adjective/adverb) in the same way; in a similar manner; resembling each other.

Afire – (adjective/adverb) on fire; burning.

Alone – (adjective/adverb) solitary; without anyone or anything else.

Amaze – (verb) to cause someone to feel astonishment or wonder.

Apple – (noun) a round fruit with red, green, or yellow skin and crisp white flesh.

Angle – (noun/verb) the space between two intersecting lines or surfaces; to position something at an angle.

Abate – (verb) to become less intense or widespread; to diminish or reduce.

Alike – (adjective/adverb) in the same way; in a similar manner; resembling each other.

Acute – (adjective) demonstrating a high level of perception; sharp, severe, or intense.

Aside – (adverb/noun) to one side; out of the way; a remark not intended to be heard by everyone present.

Agile – (adjective) nimble and able to move quickly, without problems.

Agate – (noun) a type of colorful, banded semi-precious stone, often used in jewelry.

Awake – (verb/adjective) to stop sleeping and become conscious; not asleep.

Alate – (adjective) having wings or wing-like appendages; used to describe insects that have developed wings.

Anise – (noun) a plant whose seeds are used as a flavoring in cooking and for making certain beverages.

Antre – (noun) a cave or cavern; often used in poetry or literature.

Antae – (noun) the pilasters or antefixes flanking the entrance of a Greek temple.

Atone – (verb) to make amends or reparation for a wrongdoing; to reconcile or make up for a mistake.

5 Letter Words That Start With A And End With E

Aurae – (noun) plural of “aura,” describing a unique ambiance or characteristic that appears to envelop and emanate from an individual, location, or object.

Anode – (noun) the electrode with a positive charge is responsible for the departure of electrons from an electrical device, such as a battery, during the process of discharge.

Anole – (noun) a small lizard of the genus Anolis, commonly found in the Americas.

Argue – (verb) to present reasons or evidence in order to persuade or convince; to engage in a debate or disagreement.

Argle – (noun/verb) a petty dispute or argument; to argue or quarrel.

Arame – (noun) a type of edible seaweed, typically used in Asian cuisine.

Agree – (verb) to have the same opinion; to come to a consensus; to give consent.

Agene – (noun) a hypothetical unit of heredity; an alternate spelling of “allele.”

Addle – (verb/adjective) to make or become confused; mentally mixed up or disoriented.

Adage – (noun) a traditional saying or proverb that conveys a general truth or piece of advice.

Amuse – (verb) to entertain or engage someone’s attention in a pleasant or enjoyable manner.

Alkie – (noun) informal slang for an alcoholic or someone who frequently drinks alcohol.

Abuse – (noun/verb) improper or excessive use of something; to mistreat, harm, or use something in a harmful or wrongful manner.

Abide – (verb) to embrace or comply with a regulation, ruling, or suggestion.

Adore – (verb) to regard with deep, often rapturous love.

Azure – (noun/adjective) a bright blue color resembling the clear sky; also used to describe a clear blue sky; a shade of blue.

Above – (preposition/adverb/adjective) in a higher place or position; higher in rank, power, or authority; exceeding in number or quantity.

Agoge – (noun) a rigorous training and education system in ancient Sparta, aimed at producing well-disciplined and physically fit citizens.

Algae – (noun) a diverse group of simple, autotrophic organisms that typically live in aquatic environments; they include seaweeds and pond scum.

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